NY Accident Attorney: Preventing Whiplash If A Car Accident Happens
NY Accident Attorney: Preventing Whiplash If A Car Accident Happens
A very common injury sustained in auto accidents is whiplash. It refers to neck afflictions due to sudden motion. Injury to soft tissue of the bone, spinal cord, neck and back are sustained. Whiplash affects over three million people per year. This is a staggeringly high number, but drivers and...
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Nine Best Safety Technologies For Older Drivers As Reported By Westchester Car Accident Attorney
As you age, your motor senses start to slowly decline. Unfortunately, it’s these same motor skills that you need to properly drive a motor vehicle. According to USA Today, people ages 75 and older are more susceptible to getting into car accidents than teenagers. Still, giving up driving is difficult if...
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Most Dangerous Roadways In Westchester And Rockland Counties Cause Car Accidents, Injuries And Death
Some roads are more prone to car accidents than others. High-risk areas tend to feature mini-malls or shopping centers, and stop lights that create a constant stop-and-go drive. Intersections without stop lights are also a cause of traffic accidents, since drivers try to race into traffic when it’s busy. The evening rush...
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How To Drive Safely On Snow And Ice
Driving in snow and icy weather is a lot more difficult then driving in regular conditions. We hear about a lot more multi-vehicle accidents in the winter then we do any other time of the year. Taking precautions and learning how to drive safely on snow and ice is important...
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Car Accident Attorney In White Plains Offers Advice For Taxi Accident Victims
Taxis are often lifesavers in New York City. Not only do thousands of these cars transport people to various destinations at all hours of the day and night, but these cabs also reduce the need for owning a car in the city. When you step into a taxi, you may...
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Car Accident Attorney From The Bronx Reports Top Six Causes Of Head-On Collisions
Head-on collisions are the most dangerous types of auto accidents. While these accidents are not as common as rear-end collisions, head-on collisions are much more fatal due to the close proximity of both drivers to the impact. Knowing the top six causes of these dangerous collisions can help keep you and...
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Bronx Attorney Assesses Reliability Of Forgotten Child Car-Safety Devices
How can anyone forget they have a baby or a young child in the car? Such incidents are deadly, but they may happen more often than you think. According to USA Today, 550 children have died from heat strokes since 1998 as a direct result of being left in the car. There...
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Avoid 90 Percent Of Car Accidents With Common Sense
Statistics have shown us that as many as 90% of all car accidents could be avoided with common sense and some basic defensive driving skills. Here are some easy ways to avoid car accidents using what should be common sense – but with the number of drivers causing accidents every...
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