NY Personal Injury Attorney: Suing A Cruise Line In NY

Personal Injury

NY Personal Injury Attorney: Suing A Cruise Line In NY

This year, cruise lines have posted data pertaining to crime incidents on their websites. Of these crimes, many result in personal injury. If you have suffered harm on a cruise ship and have questions about your case, read through these frequently asked questions to give you information before coming to our...
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NY Personal Injury Attorney: Spring Cleaning Safety In The Yard And On Ladders

When the snow melts and the ground thaws many of us can’t wait to get outside and start beautifying our yards. This can be an exciting time, but also a dangerous one. For example, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that between 2010-2012, 38,000 people sustained injuries using power...
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Fire Alarm Evacuation Tips From NY Personal Injury Lawyers

You should be ready to move as soon as you hear the fire alarm echoing through the halls of a building or your workplace. Immediate response to the Fire Alarm System’s warning may be the only chance that you have to safely exit the building. Fires contribute to hundreds of...
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Beware Of Head Injuries From Summer Activities From Summer Activities And Sports From A NY Personal Injury Attorney

Summer months allow people more opportunities to be outdoors and enjoy activities they miss out on all winter. The risk for head injuries also increases in the summer months. According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, recreational activities and sports lead to 21 percent of traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic Brain...
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Top Causes Of Electrical Accidents From A NY Personal Injury Attorney

Electricity is critical to the development and survival of our society. Unfortunately the severity of the injuries it can cause when not used correctly is often taken for granted, especially on a job site. Electrical accidents are so serious that in 2011, OSHA reported 9% of deaths on construction site were because...
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NY Personal Injury Attorney: Frequently Asked Questions About NY Personal Injury Cases

Have you been thinking about contacting a NY personal injury attorney, but have questions? Start here by reading about some of the most frequently asked questions regarding personal injury cases in NY. How much time do I have to sue someone for causing the personal injury? The “statute of limitations” is...
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Common Causes Of Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools become a popular gathering place during the summer months, but those meeting places can take a tragic turn when an accident occurs. Sadly, young children are often the victims of swimming pool accidents. Some of the most common causes of swimming pool accidents include: Electricity Use of electrical...
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The Child Victims Act gives victims longer to speak out in New York

The Child Victims Act is an important law in New York because it extends the time survivors of child sexual abuse have to pursue a claim through a civil or criminal case. The CVA extended how long victims had to file claims, giving them potentially decades longer to decide if...
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