How To Drive Safely On Snow And Ice

How To Drive Safely On Snow And Ice

Driving in snow and icy weather is a lot more difficult then driving in regular conditions. We hear about a lot more multi-vehicle accidents in the winter then we do any other time of the year. Taking precautions and learning how to drive safely on snow and ice is important for your safety and the safety of those in your vehicle and driving on the road around you.
Learn these important tips for driving safely in snow and ice:

  • Clear Your Car- Properly remove all snow and ice from your car before attempting to drive. Warming up the car and letting it run while you remove snow can help thaw icy windows. Having proper visibility is important any time you operate vehicle. In some states it is the law that you must remove snow from your car, including the top, before hitting the roadways. This ensures flying snow from your car will not impair other drivers.
  • Go Slowly – It is much harder to stop and steer a vehicle in inclement weather conditions. By going slowly you can stay more in control of your car.
  • Keep a Good Distance – Allowing enough distance between yourself and the other cars around you can help prevent accidents. If you or another driver should start to slip or slide, you may easily be able to recover without having an accident if you have enough room
  • Breaking – Do not break hard or quickly, this can cause your car to slide out of control. Apply short but steady pressure to the breaks, allowing the car to slowly come to a stop. Leave plenty of distance between you and other vehicles and break early to allow more time for your car to stop in snow and ice.
  • Turn Against a Skid – If your car starts skidding or sliding to the right, turn the wheel left. This helps your car naturally straighten out. Stay calm and use slow, deliberate movements rather then sharp jerks of the wheel. If you are sliding out of control, let the car slid a bit without turning the wheel and then try again to regain control. Having maintained a safe distance between you and other drivers should help you avoid an accident while recovering from a skid.

If You’re in A Car Accident

Knowing what to do after a car accident is the first step to remaining calm and safe. Try to get your car off the road if you stall or get into an accident in the roadway. Contact a Westchester NY Car Accident attorney for advice if you’re involved in a New York winter car accident.

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