Nine Best Safety Technologies For Older Drivers As Reported By Westchester Car Accident Attorney

Nine Best Safety Technologies For Older Drivers As Reported By Westchester Car Accident Attorney

As you age, your motor senses start to slowly decline. Unfortunately, it’s these same motor skills that you need to properly drive a motor vehicle. According to USA Today, people ages 75 and older are more susceptible to getting into car accidents than teenagers.

Still, giving up driving is difficult if you want to maintain any amount of independence. Some might argue that mature drivers cause more damage on the roads than to justify driving for the sake of being independent. The good news is that there are so many technological advances to help mature adults be better drivers—all without having to give up driving altogether.

These nine safety technologies include:

  1. Voice activation for radio, phone and other systems to promote hands-free driving
  2. Reverse monitoring to help prevent rear-ending objects, curbs and people
  3. Blind spot identification for drivers with impaired neck motions
  4. Automatic parking assistance
  5. Automatic warnings for vehicle that doesn’t stay in lane
  6. Adjustable headlights that automatically change based on light intensity, darkness and glare
  7. Automatic stability when driving through rain, ice and snow
  8. Alerts for drowsy driving to prevent falling asleep at the wheel
  9. Crash detection and emergency collision response

While these nine technologies won’t prevent every single car accident, these steps can help prevent the human errors that cause deadly collisions. If you or a loved one would like to maintain independence on the road at a mature age, seriously consider these technologies for the safety of everyone on the road. If you are in need of help after a Westchester car accident, contact experienced car accident attorneys in New York.

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