Tragedy Strikes: Understanding the Farmingdale High School Bus Accident
Tragedy Strikes: Understanding the Farmingdale High School Bus Accident
In a heartbreaking turn of events, a devastating bus accident occurred on Interstate 84 in Wawayanda, New York, leaving a community in mourning and many questions unanswered. The accident, which took place on a fateful day in September, claimed the lives of two individuals and left multiple students critically injured....
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A car with a crushed hood that has rear-ended into another vehicle
Common Causes of Car Accidents
Motor vehicles are complicated machines, and require discipline and training to use properly. Although most people use them safely the majority of the time, there are numerous ways that they can lead to a severe crash. This is often a major factor in determining who was at fault. Common causes...
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bird's eye view of a winding road surrounded by trees
If a Tree Falls on a Public Street, Will the Town Listen?
The Second Department Clarifies Municipality’s Role in Protecting Motorists from Falling Trees By Terrence James Cortelli The issue is whether a municipality owes a duty to protect against dangerous trees falling on public roadways where the tree is located beyond the municipality’s boundary lines. The Second Department answered the question...
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Man holding flowers over a grave.
Expanding New York’s Wrongful Death Law
Author: Noah A. Mittman, Esq. The New York Senate and Assembly recently passed the Grieving Families Act. This act will rightfully expand victims’ families’ right to recovery. For the most part, New York’s current wrongful death law is limited to the family’s pecuniary loss, that is the pre-death medical expenses,...
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Drivers Beware: Bronx Car Accident Attorney Reports The Dangers Of Driving During And After Storms
Hurricanes and severe storms are dangerous and so powerful that you can’t help but be fascinated with them. Unfortunately, some people take this fascination up a notch by attempting to see storms in action within their vehicles. Cars provide a false sense of protection where hurricanes are concerned, and drivers...
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What To Do When A Tractor-Trailer Accident Happens
Sometimes even with your best efforts to avoid a tractor trailer accident, you end up involved with one. Above all else, you must remain calm. You will be no help to yourself or anyone else if you’re running around in a panic after a tractor trailer accident. Instead, take a...
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Truck Accident Attorney Provides Tips For Backing Up Your Truck
Backing up is the cause of a large number of truck accidents each year. Trucks have many blind spots which can make it difficult for the driver to see what is behind or to the sides of the truck, and it’s easy to accidentally back into something if you can’t see it!...
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NY Accident Attorney Identifies Road Safety Precautions That Help Prevent Truck Accidents
Truckers face more dangers on the road then the regular motorist. The size of the truck, the load, and the long hours on the road can all contribute to accidents by truckers. To prevent truck accidents be sure to have the proper training and follow these safety tips: Take Care of...
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