Defensive Driving Tips
Defensive Driving Tips
You may be able to prevent the common causes of car accidents with defensive driving. Driving defensively is the key to remaining safe behind the wheel, since many car accidents are caused by other drivers. When you learn basic defensive driving tips, you can improve your ability to prevent car...
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Backover Accidents: Especially Dangerous To Small Children
Whether it occurs in the driveway of your home or out in a public parking area, backover accidents can be deadly and devastating. Backover accidents often prove fatal to small children who are too young to be seen by drivers. Backover accidents are especially difficult because in many cases it...
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Road Safety Precautions Help Prevent Auto Accidents
Trucks and buses are integral in the U.S. transportation system. Not only do individual drivers use cars to get to and from places, but we rely on trucks and buses to transport goods as well as large numbers of people at once. At the same time, the community also depends...
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What is the Integral to the Construction Defense and How Can You Beat it?
As personal injury attorneys who handle plenty of construction accident cases, we are often pressed with the “integral to the construction” defense. Basically, this argument is used when a worker trips and falls over a dangerous defect. The worker claims it was a tripping hazard in violation of Section 241(6)...
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Understanding NY Labor Law 241
NY Construction Attorney: Understanding NY Labor Law 241 Construction workers are covered by workers compensation or insurance provided by their employer if an accident happens. Employers are further required to provide for safe conditions outlined by NY State Labor laws. If the employer does not comply, an injured worker may...
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Three Types Of Electrical Accidents On Construction Sites
Because construction work often includes starting from the ground up to build something new, there are hazards present that can jeopardize the health and safety of all workers on the job. As construction moves along, there are many new things added including electrical wiring and electrical boxes. For this reason,...
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Safety Tips Every Construction Worker Should Know
Over the years, we have represented so many people who have been injured while working at construction sites because they were not properly trained and/or were not given the proper safety devices to protect them from the dangers they were exposed to at their jobs. Hopefully, this will help: Some Safety...
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How To Prevent Construction Scaffolding Accidents
Construction accidents are common due to the manual work involved in difficult situations but one of the common causes of construction accidents on a job site is due to the malfunctioning of ladder and scaffolding systems. Collapses and other safety issues surrounding the scaffolding or ladders set up on the job site...
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