NY Accident Attorney: Preventing Whiplash If A Car Accident Happens

NY Accident Attorney: Preventing Whiplash If A Car Accident Happens


A very common injury sustained in auto accidents is whiplash. It refers to neck afflictions due to sudden motion. Injury to soft tissue of the bone, spinal cord, neck and back are sustained. Whiplash affects over three million people per year. This is a staggeringly high number, but drivers and passengers can take steps to prevent whiplash suffering and minimize permanent damage by taking these precautions in your vehicle.

Properly Prepare Head Restraints

Head restraints should not be too low. Too much room is left for the head and neck to flail around in the case of a crash. The top should be level with the top of the driver or passenger’s head and only 5cm away from the back of the neck.

Do your Homework

Research and compare safety of vehicles before buying. Look for the quality of interior features such as air bags, seat belts, and head restraints. In addition, be sure they have crash avoidance highlights such as anti-lock brakes, traction control and electronic stability control. Vehicles should also have adequate crush or crumple zones that are designed to absorb the energy of an impact away from passengers.

Brace Yourself

If there is time before a crash, prepare yourself the best you can to prevent excessive movement in the neck.

  • Lean back into the head restraint
  • Keep your neck straight
  • Look up slightly
  • Keep your arms straight and your shoulders up
  • Grip the steering wheel tightly

Do Not Wait

After a car accident, go to a doctor right away to prevent any chronic injury and unnecessary pain. Symptoms may take some time to show up, so it is important to get treatment even if there are no signs immediately. When they do show up, some symptoms are:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Numbing of the shoulders, face and/or arms
  • Stiff neck
  • Neck pain
  • Damaged vision
  • Cloudy thinking

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