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Many people judge a firm based solely on the previous results it has achieved for people who have been seriously injured in accidents.

Suffering a serious physical injury is a lonely and disorienting experience, even with solid family support. Doing what you need to do to recover your health while managing the financial strain can take a toll. A White Plains personal injury lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could help you manage some of the fallout. If your injury resulted from an accident, another party’s negligence could have been a factor. In that case, you could hold the negligent party responsible for some or all of your damages.

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Accidents Stemming from a Lack of Care

Injuries could happen anywhere under almost any circumstances. A White Plains accident attorney from StolzenbergCortelli could help someone seek justice no matter how they sustained their injury, such as:

Regardless of the specifics of a particular case, someone’s negligence almost always plays a role in an accident. Negligence is a failure to observe a reasonable degree of caution to protect others. A negligent party has a legal obligation to pay the damages of anyone they injure through their carelessness. Proving negligence requires the injured person to show that the responsible party failed to use appropriate care, and the failure caused the plaintiff’s injury. They must also offer proof of the losses they suffered.

Case Results
$8,175,000 Settlement
$8,175,000 Settlement- Anonymous v. NYPD

In this claim, we represented two individuals who were shot at by an off-duty NYPD officer while they are on...

$4,900,000 Settlement
$4,900,000 – Man fatally Struck in Head by Container While Walking on City Sidewalk

In this lawsuit, started in the Bronx, our client was injured when he was struck in the head by a...

$4,750,000 Settlement
$4,750,000 – Squeezed in a Man Lift

Our client was a painter who was hired to do some work on an elevated subway line, painting the steel...

$2,500,000 Settlement
$2,500,000 – Anonymous v. Anonymous – Accident on Construction Lift (Elevator)

In this construction accident case, our client, an operating engineer, was injured when the lift he was operating (a lift...

$2,460,000 Settlement
$2,460,000 – Defendant Corporation Settles After Worker Falls from a Truck

In this case, our client injured his back when he fell from a truck at a warehouse. Our client was...

$2,050,000 Settlement
$2,050,000 Million Settlement – Mother of Two Struck and Killed by Motorist

In this truly tragic case, the mother of two was struck and killed, while she crossed a roadway. We were...

$2,000,000 Settlement
$2,000,000 Settlement (and a waiver of the $330,000 workers’ compensation lien) – Trip and Fall at a NYC School

In this case, our client was hurt when he tripped and fell at a New York City Board of Education...

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Personal Injury Claim Process

Most injury claims will settle before going to the trial stage. An White Plains personal injury attorney at StolzenbergCortelli contacts the responsible party or their insurance company, and the parties begin negotiations. The attorney presents their proof of damages and the parties negotiate until they reach an agreement. Sometimes the claimant’s conduct is an issue in the negotiations. New York’s Civil Practice Law and Rules § 1411 makes all parties responsible for their actions. If a claimant bears some of the blame for the accident, they can collect damages from other negligent parties but must subtract the percentage attributable to their actions. If a pre-trial settlement cannot be agreed to, StolzenbergCortelli will take the case to trial and present the proof to a jury to obtain a verdict.

Testimonial background
Our Testimonials

I cannot recommend Howard Stolzenberg and his team at StolzenbergCortelli LLP highly enough. Howie embodies diligence, honesty, and integrity, ensuring every aspect of my case was handled with the utmost professionalism. His exceptional response time was truly impressive, making me feel valued and informed throughout the entire process. The entire staff at StolzenbergCortelli LLP is equally remarkable. They are responsive, professional, and genuinely passionate about taking care of their clients. From the moment I reached out, I was met with kindness and efficiency, and every interaction reinforced my confidence in their abilities. If you are in need of legal assistance, look no further. Howie Stolzenberg and his team are the best in business, and I highly recommend them for their unwavering commitment to their clients. Thank you, Howie and StolzenbergCortelli LLP, for your exceptional service!

- M.M

I was recommended to StolzenbergCortelli LLP from a family member. My experience with Howard was nothing short of outstanding. Their team is truly dedicated to providing excellent service, making me feel confident that my case was in the best possible hands. Whenever I had any questions or concerns, they would get back to me ASAP with answers. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs a knowledgeable and caring law firm.

- M.D

I was seriously injured at work when I fell from a ladder that slipped out from under me. I had to have surgery and missed a lot of time from work. I retained Howard and Terrence to represent me. They were great. Every time I called, they spoke to me and provided me with updates. They were extremely knowledgeable and were always prepared. Isabel, the paralegal working on my case, was also extremely helpful, responsive, and informative. They all aggressively pushed my case along and were able to get an excellent settlement for me. I highly recommend StolzenbergCortelli, LLP.

- V.M

I would recommend StolzenbergCortelli to handle your accident case. This firm is amazing, sweet, and caring and the lawyers are very hands-on. There wasn’t a day that I would call the office and not be able to speak with my lawyer. I was impressed because I even had a cell phone number to reach him while out of the office. My case was handled with care and achieved the best possible outcome. Thank you, you will forever be my family’s law firm.

- Jeniffer G

Damages in Personal Injury Cases

The compensation a plaintiff collects from the defendant is called their damages, which should cover all the tangible and intangible losses associated with the injury. A plaintiff must provide evidence to establish their damages.

Economic Damages

An individual could prove their lost income, diminished future earning capacity, and the value of fringe benefits through employment records, tax returns, and similar documents. They could establish the cost of their medical treatment and incidental expenses through receipts, invoices, Statements of Insurance Benefits, and other documentation. Incidental expenses that could be part of an injured plaintiff’s economic damages include home renovations necessary to accommodate an injury, adaptive devices, and the cost of hiring household help to do tasks.

Non-Economic Damages

Damages also compensate for the injured person’s diminished quality of life after an accident. A plaintiff could receive damages for disfigurement, physical pain, lost enjoyment of life, disability, mental trauma, and other the injury’s other subjective effects on their well-being. A White Plains personal injury attorney from StolzenbergCortelli could prove a plaintiff’s non-economic damages by presenting documentary evidence like medical and pharmacy records to establish pain and disability. Testimony from the plaintiff and their family and associates could also establish the injury’s negative impact on the plaintiff’s lifestyle.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are sometimes available if the plaintiff could prove that the defendant’s conduct was especially outrageous or malicious. Some personal injury cases in which courts have awarded punitive damages include drunk driving crashes and other accidents resulting from extremely high-speed driving. Punitive damages are more likely when a corporation is the defendant, as might be the case in a workplace accident or product liability case.

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Trust a White Plains Personal Injury Attorney from StolzenbergCortelli to Handle Your Claim

If you suffered a debilitating injury in an accident, you deserve compensation from the parties whose negligence harmed you. The law provides you with a means to get reimbursement for your losses. A White Plains personal injury lawyer can handle all types of injury claims with compassion and professionalism. Call StolzenbergCortelli, LLP today to schedule a case review.


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