Tips For Driving On Snow And Ice From Your NY Accident Attorney
Tips For Driving On Snow And Ice From Your NY Accident Attorney
Snow and ice are some of the most dangerous culprits when it comes to automobile accidents. According to the Federal Highway Administration, snow causes an average of 225,000 accidents per year, while an additional 190,100 crashes are attributed to icy roads. In total, wintry weather results in an average of 1,490...
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Tips To Avoid Summer Car Accidents
Summer is a time when many get out on the road to travel or enjoy the warmer temperatures. However, the season also poses its own set of potential road risks, which can be minimized. Here are 5 tips to avoiding summer car accidents: Monitor Tire Condition Underinflated tires impact the...
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Precautions To Prevent Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motor vehicle accidents happen every second of every day. If you would like to decrease your risks of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can take the following precautions: Drive Slower Speed is often a contributing factor to car accidents. When you slow down, you have more time to...
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Multitasking And Driving Are Deadly Combinations
In driver’s ed courses, students are taught to focus on the task at hand. Unfortunately, this mindset seems to be dismissed by most drivers once they obtain their licenses. In today’s busy world, many people feel pressured to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Not only is multitasking unsafe, but the...
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Five Ways To Prevent Auto Accidents During Wintry Weather Conditions
While “walking in a winter wonderland” is a dream for some people, driving in wintry conditions is a nightmare. From blinding snow to slippery ice, it’s no wonder that this season causes more auto accidents than any other. Your New York auto accident attorney offers five safety tips to help keep you...
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How Warning Lights Can Prevent Car Accidents
The warning lights on your car dashboard alert a driver to potential problems with the vehicle before a complete breakdown or car accident occurs. It is important to know what these warning lights mean, in order to take action as soon as possible to prevent a larger problem from occurring on the...
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Top Three Causes Of Auto Accidents
There are countless causes to car accidents, but when the causes of accidents are more carefully monitored, the majority of all collisions tend to be related to one of the following categories: Defects or mechanical failures Inadequate maintenance of the road Driver behaviors While drivers involved in car accidents will...
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Prevent Auto Accidents During Rain And Heavy Thunderstorms From A NY Car Accident Attorney
Driving during the rain or a thunderstorm can be as treacherous as ice or snow. Storms reduce visibility, cause a loss of control behind the wheel, and a whole host of other dangers. Risks of driving in heavy rains include: Slippery road surfaces with even the smallest amount of rain...
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