Drivers Beware: Bronx Car Accident Attorney Reports The Dangers Of Driving During And After Storms

Drivers Beware: Bronx Car Accident Attorney Reports The Dangers Of Driving During And After Storms


Hurricanes and severe storms are dangerous and so powerful that you can’t help but be fascinated with them. Unfortunately, some people take this fascination up a notch by attempting to see storms in action within their vehicles. Cars provide a false sense of protection where hurricanes are concerned, and drivers unknowingly place themselves in imminent danger when they step behind the wheel during these storms. Consider the top dangers during and after storms and learn how to protect yourself from hurricanes if you get stranded.

High Winds

Hurricanes are classified as storms that pack winds of at least 74 mph. Even if a hurricane is classified as a Category One, sustained winds of this magnitude can easily flip a car on its side. Also, keep in mind that wind gusts may be higher.


Most people associate rain with flooding, so they think it is safe to drive on roads that are merely damp. This is actually the worst time to drive because the roads are slick from a mixture of oil, dirt and water.

Downed Power Lines

You may be tempted to drive out and survey the damage of a storm, but what is even more dangerous are the things you can’t see. Waters and debris can cover hidden dangers, such as downed power lines. Electrocutions are one of the top causes of post-hurricane deaths.


Even a small amount of water is enough to disable a vehicle, so it isn’t worth driving through small floods. If you see a flooded road, turn around immediately. If you find yourself stuck in a flood, don’t attempt to waste time on trying to move your car — call 911 right away.

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