Flammable Garment Injuries And Deaths


Flammable Garment Injuries And Deaths
Clothing protects us from the cold, the wind, and other elements – but it is possible that our clothing could be dangerous and potentially deadly? Although the Flammable Fabrics Act puts forth that all clothing sold in the United States to consumers must meet safety standards, each year hundreds of...
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New Safety Regulations For Baby Cribs
On June 28th, new safety regulations were issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Changes to the crib safety standards were the first major revisions made in over 30 years. The regulations for improved crib safety include: prohibiting creation and sale of cribs with drop-down sides; stronger crib slats and mattress...
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Product Liability: Dangers Of Dishwashers
You want your dishes clean, and for an appliance to complete the job so you can go about your busy schedule. This is the purpose of having a dishwasher; sadly, many consumers are injured or killed every year as a result of faulty dishwashing appliances. Know the potential dangers and what...
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Labor Laws Governing The Employment Of Minors
Getting a job as a teenager is a good way to get a head start in life. Most minors look for employment during the summer months, as well as after school and during school vacations. It is important that employers know the correct labor laws surrounding those under the age...
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Common Injured Workers Questions: NYC Workers’ Comp Attorney
We often hear similar questions from injured workers who aren’t familiar with the New York workers’ compensation claims process. Here are the four most common questions we hear: Who do I report my work injury to? You should report your work injury directly to your employer as soon as possible,...
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Top Five Reasons Workers Slip And Fall On The Job
Workers in any type of industry are susceptible to slip and fall accidents. They are one of the most common worker’s compensation-related accidents that put people out of work for a period of time. Here are the top 5 reasons people suffer injuries from slip and fall accidents while on the job...
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Sudden Behavioral Changes In Nursing Home Residents: NYC Elder Abuse Lawyer
When you have an elder loved one residing in a nursing home or assisted living facility, it can be difficult to know when the senior is suffering from a preventable problem or when the senior is simply experiencing the natural process of aging. For example, while a behavioral change may...
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Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect: New York Elder Abuse Attorney
Earlier, we covered the common signs of nursing home abuse – such as sudden behavioral changes or unexplained injuries. But unfortunately, the signs of nursing home neglect can be more subtle but just as damaging and dangerous. Learn more about the most common signs of nursing home neglect: Malnutrition and...
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