Tarrytown Traffic Lawyer
Tarrytown Traffic Lawyer

Tarrytown Traffic Lawyer

If you have been pulled over recently, there is a chance that you left that interaction with a traffic citation. These tickets are more than just a nuisance – they can have significant financial consequences and affect your ability to drive. The good news is that a skilled attorney might be able to help.

In many situations, it can be possible to beat a traffic ticket. In others, you might be able to lower your fine while keeping the ticket off your driving record. A Tarrytown traffic lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could assist you with securing the best possible outcome in your case.

Speeding and Red-Light Violations

One of the most common traffic violations is speeding. Traveling above the speed limit can be dangerous, as it is designed to consider the natural hazards nearby. A speeding driver could face jail time when convicted of traveling above the set speed limit, but only in the most serious cases.

In addition to jail time and fines, there is also the risk of license suspension. Every traffic violation conviction will result in a number of “points” on a license. When a driver receives a certain number of points in a limited window of time, the state will suspend their license. The higher the motorist is speeding above the posted limit, the more points they will receive on their license if convicted.

Running a red light is another common form of a traffic violation. Tickets for a red-light violation can come about in two different ways. Often, a police officer will witness a motorist run a red light or stop sign, and immediately pull them over. In other cases, traffic cameras might catch a motorist running a red light and collect their license plate to identify the driver. Both methods could result in a fine and point on a license. A person should call StolzenbergCortelli, LLP and work with a Tarrytown traffic ticket lawyer on their rebuttal.

Driving Without a Seat Belt

There is a strictly enforced state law related to driving without a seat belt. These safety devices are known to save lives, which is why they are now required for all drivers and passengers in a vehicle. No matter the person’s age or position in the vehicle, it is necessary to wear a seatbelt when the car is moving.

Driving without a seat belt is one of the primary offenses that can result in a ticket. The police do not have to find some other type of traffic violation in order to pull a driver over. The driver could be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt or even because their passenger failed to wear one.

Pulled Over for Drunk Driving

One of the most serious offenses that can occur behind the wheel of a car is driving under the influence (DUI). If a motorist has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or above .08 percent, it could result in a charge for drunk driving. However, there are other circumstances where a conviction could be possible even with a BAC lower than the legal limit. A dedicated Tarrytown traffic attorney from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could help fight this charge.

Talk to a Tarrytown Traffic Attorney as Soon as Possible

Being pulled over for a traffic ticket can take time out of your day. Being convicted of that traffic offense in court can also take money out of your pocket. You could benefit from the guidance of an attorney who knows how to answer these charges. With the help of a Tarrytown traffic lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP, it could be possible to beat your ticket and walk away without any fines. Reach out today to meet with us.

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