The lasting impact of amputations caused by a car accident
The lasting impact of amputations caused by a car accident
Car accident victims in Westchester County and New York City can suffer injuries from minor lacerations to life-changing physical damage. One of the most traumatic injuries these victims can face is losing one or more limbs due to a crash. We have served victims that have lost a limb in...
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Scaffolding helps construction but can also cause injuries
New York is home to some very tall buildings, many of which are old and require routine maintenance and care. Older edifices could pose a danger to the public if their exterior features become weakened due to age or weather. Scaffolding and elevated platforms make it easier for workers to...
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3 steps nursing homes should take to prevent falls and premises liability
In a nursing home, some of the world’s most vulnerable people rely on help and support from the team. They are there because of physical or mental health needs as they age, to recover from injuries or to transition from the hospital to home. In nursing homes, one of the...
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Reasons to make a premises liability claim
Do accidents happen? Yes. Should many accidents have been avoided? Yes. Does someone have a responsibility if you are injured on their property? Sometimes. Here are some reasons you might consider a premises liability claim: You work as a handyman. An apartment building hires you to paint their windows. As you stand...
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Avoid drunk driving crashes this Fourth of July
The Fourth of July is the deadliest day on the road, so it’s important for drivers to know what to watch out for. Like any other time, there will be hazards like roadwork or potholes. There will also be pedestrians or cyclists to watch out for. However, on the Fourth,...
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How often are car accidents fatal?
Clearly, the traffic fatality rate in the United States is different every year. There are more people as the population continues to grow. A different specific number of people lose their lives each year, impacting the rate. You have to factor that in when looking at how many people die...
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Table saw safety tips for construction crews
The table saw is one of the most widely-used power tools on many construction projects, something that workers have probably used thousands and thousands of times. This can make it feel less dangerous or less risky than it actually is. The truth, though, is that a table saw is exceedingly...
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Car accidents and insurance claims: Don’t make one of these mistakes
After a car accident in which you suffer a serious injury, your top priority is stabilizing your health and putting yourself on the road to making a full recovery. While you do this, you’ll soon find yourself seeking ways to obtain compensation for your injuries, medical bills, property damage and...
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