NY Car Accident Attorney: Distracted Driving A Leading Cause Of Accidents
NY Car Accident Attorney: Distracted Driving A Leading Cause Of Accidents
In a multitasking era it is very easy to become a distracted driver. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers distracted driving any action that takes attention from driving. Examples of distracted driving include: Using a cell phone or a smart phone Texting Eating Drinking Talking Using a GPS Applying...
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NY Car Accident Attorney: Long Island S Thomson Avenue Has Always Been A Danger Zone For Pedestrians
Thomson Avenue in Long Island has been known for some time to be busy with students crossing to attend La Guardia Community College and Applied Communications High School. At the intersection of Thomson and 3rd Street, pupils meet with heavy traffic from vehicles heading to and from the Queensboro Bridge, as...
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NY Car Accident Attorney: Identify And Avoid Road Rage
Road rage is a term often used to describe someone who gets overly upset when driving. In fact, it is a serious condition that is a top cause of auto accidents. With people working so much and stress levels high as ever, there has been an increase in the number...
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NY Auto Accident Attorney Offers Tips For Backing Up Vehicles
Backing up a vehicle puts you at greater risk for a car accident simply because it is harder to see what is behind you. All vehicles have blind spots directly behind them, and if there are objects, pets or people in the blind spot – it is possible that you could look...
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NY Accident Attorney Offers Tips To Avoid Rear End Collisions
Rear end collisions are the most common types of car accidents. While they most often occur from drivers hitting the vehicles in front of them, other drivers may be to blame if they cut off others when carelessly switching between lanes. The following tips can help you take a better look...
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NY Accident Attorney: Preventing Whiplash If A Car Accident Happens
A very common injury sustained in auto accidents is whiplash. It refers to neck afflictions due to sudden motion. Injury to soft tissue of the bone, spinal cord, neck and back are sustained. Whiplash affects over three million people per year. This is a staggeringly high number, but drivers and...
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Nine Best Safety Technologies For Older Drivers As Reported By Westchester Car Accident Attorney
As you age, your motor senses start to slowly decline. Unfortunately, it’s these same motor skills that you need to properly drive a motor vehicle. According to USA Today, people ages 75 and older are more susceptible to getting into car accidents than teenagers. Still, giving up driving is difficult if...
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Most Dangerous Roadways In Westchester And Rockland Counties Cause Car Accidents, Injuries And Death
Some roads are more prone to car accidents than others. High-risk areas tend to feature mini-malls or shopping centers, and stop lights that create a constant stop-and-go drive. Intersections without stop lights are also a cause of traffic accidents, since drivers try to race into traffic when it’s busy. The evening rush...
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