Why are there so many construction accidents in New York City?
Why are there so many construction accidents in New York City?
As of 2019, construction work became one of the deadliest jobs that a New Yorker could hold. Deadly accidents have increased every year since 2014, when the first major post-recession building boom hit the city. In 2017 alone, injuries climbed an incredible 17% — and fatalities doubled. Accidents remain commonplace,...
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Poor phone behavior could lead to a serious crash
Distracted driving is more than just annoying. It’s a serious issue that leads to crashes every day. The victims of those crashes may suffer from serious injuries or even die as a result of one driver’s bad decision. Some people think that getting distracted for a few seconds isn’t a...
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Proactive ways a business can protect people from slip-and-falls
When a customer or visitor experiences a slip-and-fall incident in a business, they could wind up suffering substantial injuries that prevent them from working and require expensive medical care. Excepting situations where the individual who got hurt was breaking the law or behaving in a willfully negligent or dangerous manner,...
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Labor Law 240 is unique to New York
Construction workers have a lot of factors to consider when they’re trying to get their job duties done. For some, working on scaffolding is an important part of this job. Workers who have to climb on scaffolds count on their employer to ensure they have a suitable — and safe...
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Connecting a head injury with an accident caused by someone else
Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most debilitating and severe injuries a person can experience and survive. There is a broad range of potential symptoms associated with a brain injury which can vary drastically from patient to patient, depending on the part of the brain that gets hurt and the severity...
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What does the Child Victims Act do?
For a long time, the victims of child sexual abuse faced massive hurdles toward justice. Statutes of limitation often closed the window on both criminal charges and civil claims against the abusers long before the victims were emotionally prepared to address what happened to them — let alone ready to...
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Improper sidewalk maintenance can lead to injuries and liability
When someone purchases a property or rental facility to open a business, they have certain obligations to the public who come close to or enter that property. Specifically, homeowners and business owners should do everything they can to maintain reasonably safe facilities. Failing to take a proactive stance on maintenance...
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Safe Driving Tips for Senior Citizens
In general, senior citizens as a group are safe drivers when compared to others. Most obey the speed limit, wear seat belts and avoid drinking and driving. But this age group is especially vulnerable to death or injury in car accidents due to age-related conditions. Fragile bones, heart disease and diabetes can make...
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