Labor Law 240 is unique to New York

Labor Law 240 is unique to New York

Construction workers have a lot of factors to consider when they’re trying to get their job duties done. For some, working on scaffolding is an important part of this job. Workers who have to climb on scaffolds count on their employer to ensure they have a suitable — and safe — scaffold to use.

In an effort to keep construction workers who use scaffolding safer, New York enacted Labor Law 240. This is also known as the Scaffold Law because it sets an absolute liability standard when a worker suffers any injury related to gravity. This is the only state in the country that has this type of law.

There are several things that can go wrong with scaffolds. Because of this, it is imperative that someone who is familiar with the scaffold system inspects the unit both when it is erected and before each shift. If there is anything that’s wrong with the scaffold, it must be corrected prior to use.

Workers who have an accident involving scaffolding can suffer serious injuries. Anyone who falls from one of these units, including a fall during a collapse, should receive medical care to determine the type and extent of their injuries, as well as establishing the treatment plan. Some workers might not be able to return to work immediately, which can lead to serious financial difficulties for them and their families.

Workers injured in these kinds of accidents can qualify for workers’ compensation. Some workers might opt to pursue claims beyond this, including third-party claims when appropriate. Discussing your case with an attorney who is familiar with this law and other related laws can help you learn more about your legal options and the next steps you should take.

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