Why are there so many construction accidents in New York City?

Why are there so many construction accidents in New York City?

As of 2019, construction work became one of the deadliest jobs that a New Yorker could hold. Deadly accidents have increased every year since 2014, when the first major post-recession building boom hit the city. In 2017 alone, injuries climbed an incredible 17% — and fatalities doubled. Accidents remain commonplace, despite local government’s attempts to get control of the situation.

So, what’s really causing the uptick in construction accidents and deaths? It all comes down to the industry’s “fatal four.” There are four main types of construction accidents that account for just about 60% of all injuries and deaths. They are:

  1. Falls: NYC is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country, and scaffolds are everywhere. It just takes one misplaced footfall and forgotten safety gear to equal a fatal fall. Even slips on level ground can be dangerous, however, when a worker lands on concrete.
  2. Struck-by accidents: There are a lot of tools and materials being put to use high above the ground. Falling hand tools, construction debris and building facades that break loose before they can be repaired are all a concern.
  3. Caught-between accidents: A single lapse in attention can leave someone caught between two objects, like a forklift and a wall. While these only account for 5% of construction injuries, they’re almost always devastating or fatal.
  4. Electrocution: Whenever electrical wiring is involved (especially if it’s outdated or worn), there’s a chance of shocks, burns and electrocutions. That can easily lead to permanent injuries, amputations, burns and death.

If you or your loved one suffered a serious construction injury in New York, find out more about the compensation you may be due.

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