Connecting a head injury with an accident caused by someone else

Connecting a head injury with an accident caused by someone else

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most debilitating and severe injuries a person can experience and survive. There is a broad range of potential symptoms associated with a brain injury which can vary drastically from patient to patient, depending on the part of the brain that gets hurt and the severity of the injury.

The brain controls everything you do, from the way that you breathe to your ability to sing, move and remember things. When you hurt your head, the symptoms related to the injuries can take some time to show up. This can make it that much more difficult for you and your loved ones to connect with the compensation you need to pay for the expenses related to the brain injury.

Commit to seeing a doctor if you suspect you hurt your head

Perhaps the simplest and best way to build your case in a personal injury scenario involving a head injury is to have medical records showing that the symptoms began to develop shortly after the accident.

Ideally, anyone involved in an accident where they hit their head, lost consciousness, or experienced shaking, jerking or spinning, would go see a physician for evaluation shortly after the accident. Whether you get hurt at work, slip in a snowy parking lot or get into a serious car crash, seeing a physician shortly after the incident will make it easier to connect your ongoing symptoms with the trauma of the accident.

Even if you didn’t see a doctor right away, acknowledging the incident where you hit your head during your visit with the physician could help. If they know there could be a potential brain injury, they can better check you for symptoms and make a note of the likely cause in their documentation for your visit.

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