Important Steps To Take If You Are Hurt at Work
Important Steps To Take If You Are Hurt at Work
Workplace injuries are very common – in fact, almost 3% of full-time workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work. Construction is a particularly dangerous occupation, and 87 workers died in New York City construction accidents in 2017. Do you know what to do if you are hurt at work? Below are our top...
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Long Island Woman Dies in Hit-and-Run Accident
A fatal hit-and-run accident happens almost six times every day in the U.S. A 38-year older woman in North Babylon became the latest New York victim when an AutoZone delivery van struck two pedestrians and just kept going. The van had pulled out of a company lot onto Deer Park Avenue when...
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Rockland County Father Charged in Twins Hot Car Deaths
It’s a repeated tragedy that seems to be happening every summer – children left alone in cars that get progressively hotter until the environment is life-threatening. A Rockland County father recently left his one-year-old twins in his car while he worked an 8-hour shift as a social worker at a...
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Could Crash Test Dummies Be to Blame For the Wide Discrepancy between Male and Female Accident Deaths?
Women have a higher probability of dying or being seriously injured in a vehicle accident than men, and part of the reason may lie in the outdated crash test dummies used by car manufacturers. The problem is real and it is significant. Researchers from the University of Virginia have reported that the...
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Emergency Room Errors May Cause Serious Injury or Death
If you have been in an emergency room for your own or a loved one’s injury, you know that it can be a chaotic place. Emergency room doctors must be able to handle any type of injury or illness and quickly switch from one patient to another. Because of the...
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A car with a crushed hood that has rear-ended into another vehicle
What Happens to Your Body in a Car Accident?
It’s not a pleasant thought, but do you know what happens to your body if you are involved in an auto accident? You are in motion along with your vehicle, and suddenly that motion is suddenly – and dramatically – altered or stopped. Your car has hit another vehicle or a...
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It’s Hurricane Season – How To Get Ready
The last few years have brought relatively calm hurricane seasons to the metropolitan New York City area. We have experienced some extra rain and minor flooding from storms like Maria, Gordon, and Michael, but nothing like our neighbors to the south have faced. But now is not the time to...
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NYC Bicyclist Fatalities Climbing Dramatically This Year
In all of 2018, there were 10 cyclists killed in traffic accidents in New York City. This year – and we are just halfway through 2019 – there have already been 10 bicyclist deaths. In just one recent week, there were 3 cyclist deaths in Brooklyn alone. In fact, 8 of the total...
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