Five Ways To Prevent Auto Accidents During Wintry Weather Conditions

Five Ways To Prevent Auto Accidents During Wintry Weather Conditions

While “walking in a winter wonderland” is a dream for some people, driving in wintry conditions is a nightmare. From blinding snow to slippery ice, it’s no wonder that this season causes more auto accidents than any other. Your New York auto accident attorney offers five safety tips to help keep you and others safe while out on the road driving during the winter season.

Maintain Your Vehicle

A snowstorm is one of the worst times for your vehicle to break down. Not only will you be stranded in brutal weather conditions, but other drivers may not see your vehicle, thereby causing accidents.

Test Tire Traction

Tire traction should be tested every few months to avoid blow-outs. If you expect to drive in snow and ice on a regular basis this season, consider investing in snow tires. These have better traction to help keep you safe.

Take it Slow

Sleek roads and white precipitation makes for a dangerous combination. Most winter driving accidents occur from vehicle spin-outs from driving too fast or from sudden braking. To avoid these types of accidents, drive slower and keep at least four car lengths between you and other drivers.

Avoid Distractions

This is one of the most common mistakes drivers make. Not only does talking on a cell phone, eating food and conversing with passengers make driving more difficult, but such habits can decrease your reaction time when driving through ice and snow.

Consider Formal Practice

While driver’s education is prominent in high schools, drivers at any age can benefit immensely from courses on winter driving. This gives you hands-on practice with wintry conditions with a professional instructor to guide you along the way. Such courses are especially helpful for people new to winter driving.

Contact an experienced NY Accident Attorney if you are involved in a snow and ice related car accident.

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