How Warning Lights Can Prevent Car Accidents

How Warning Lights Can Prevent Car Accidents

The warning lights on your car dashboard alert a driver to potential problems with the vehicle before a complete breakdown or car accident occurs. It is important to know what these warning lights mean, in order to take action as soon as possible to prevent a larger problem from occurring on the road. Check out these four warning lights that you should never ignore:

Engine Light
The engine light may signify something relatively easy to fix, such as a loose gas cap, or it may alert you to the potential for a much more serious problem with your engine. This warning light warrants a trip to the mechanic for a specific diagnosis of the problem.

Brake Light
If a brake light comes on, it most frequently indicates that the emergency brake is still engaged. However, if that is not the case, it could mean you are low on brake fluid, which could increase your risk of an accident if you can’t stop your car quickly. Check your brake fluid right away.

Tire Pressure Light
These warning lights are now showing up on newer models of cars, to alert drivers of a potentially low tire. Low tires often lead to blow-outs and accidents, so it is important to take the vehicle to a service station right away to check tire pressure and fill a tire if necessary.

ABS Light
This light might indicate that your anti-lock brake system is not working the way it should, or that your brake fluid is low. ABS problems can be particularly hazardous when road conditions are wet or slippery. Schedule an appointment with a mechanic immediately to diagnose and correct any brake problems causing your ABS light to come on.

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