Top Three Causes Of Auto Accidents

Top Three Causes Of Auto Accidents

There are countless causes to car accidents, but when the causes of accidents are more carefully monitored, the majority of all collisions tend to be related to one of the following categories:

  • Defects or mechanical failures
  • Inadequate maintenance of the road
  • Driver behaviors

While drivers involved in car accidents will often blame the accident on road problems or mechanical failures of some kind – statistics show us that about 95% of all accidents are primarily due to driver behaviors. Here are the three top causes of car accidents and what you should know about them:

Defects and/or Mechanical Failures
The most common types of defects or mechanical failures that lead to car accidents include loss of brakes or brakes that don’t work properly, steering or suspension failure, or tire issues like a blow out or tread separation. Get your car inspected regularly and maintained properly and you can eliminate just about any type of mechanical or equipment failure that would lead to a car accident.

Inadequate Maintenance of the Road
Many people determine the inadequately maintained roadways are the reason they get into car accidents. When road signs are faded or otherwise hard to read, it is possible that the situation will contribute to a car accident. Debris or potholes in the roads can also cause a driver to swerve to try and miss it; or to hit it and then lose control of their car.

Driver Behaviors
The majority of all car accidents can be traced back to speeding, texting and driving, using a cell phone and driving, drinking and driving, distracted or unfocused driving, tailgating, and driving aggressively.

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