Driver fatigue can lead to serious crashes

Driver fatigue can lead to serious crashes

All drivers must be well-rested when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. When they aren’t, they may do things that cause crashes. Unfortunately, there are innocent victims on the roads who might suffer from catastrophic injuries when this happens.

Some drivers think that the experience they have operating the vehicle will help them to compensate for fatigue, but this isn’t the case. Experience doesn’t help with things like nodding off and drifting out of the lane. Individuals who are overly fatigued may also have tunnel vision, which means that they don’t see things in their peripheral vision. This can also lead to crashes when changing lanes or making turns.

There are many things that may lead to fatigue, some of which the driver might consider normal. For example, having to drive after a long shift might be something a person does often. This doesn’t mean that they are any less fatigued, however, just because they do it a lot.

Anyone who sees a driver who appears to be fatigued or driving in a negligent manner should try to avoid coming too close to that vehicle. This could help to prevent a crash — but it isn’t always foolproof. There’s still a chance that a tired driver might fall asleep behind the wheel and slam into your vehicle.

If you’re struck by a driver who appears fatigued, ensure you take proper steps to report the accident and get medical care for your injuries. You might decide that you’re going to seek compensation. This holds the driver who struck you accountable for their negligence and works to shift the financial liability from you to them.

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