NY Auto Accident Attorney Offers Tips For Backing Up Vehicles

NY Auto Accident Attorney Offers Tips For Backing Up Vehicles

Backing up a vehicle puts you at greater risk for a car accident simply because it is harder to see what is behind you. All vehicles have blind spots directly behind them, and if there are objects, pets or people in the blind spot – it is possible that you could look in your mirrors and over your shoulder without seeing them. The larger the vehicle, the larger the blind spot, which means tractor trailer back up accidents are among the most common, but here are some tips for backing up all vehicles:

Always Back Up Slowly – never back up quickly, it’s just a recipe for disaster. Going slowly helps you stop before an accident, but even if something is in your blind spot, if you go slowly you can brake before any real damage is done on impact.

Only Back Up When Necessary – when backing out of a parking spot or driveway, only back up just as far as you need to until you can pull forward and out of the way. You can control the car and see better going forward than backward so try to limit backing up to only when it is absolutely necessary.

Use Horn – if you are forced to back out of an area where it is blind or difficult to see if cars are where you need to back up to – hit your horn twice to alert people you are backing up and proceed slowly.

Get out and Look Behind You – if necessary, you can get out of the car and walk around the car to see how much room you have for backing up before you start.

If you are involved in a backing up car accident or another car backs into you, contact NY Auto Accident Attorney for assistance and to learn what your options are.

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