Can Your No Fault Carrier Pursue an APIP Subrogation Claim Against Your Third Party Action Where the Settlement fails to make Claimant Whole? The Answer is No.

Car Accidents

Can Your No Fault Carrier Pursue an APIP Subrogation Claim Against Your Third Party Action Where the Settlement fails to make Claimant Whole? The Answer is No.

Introduction We recently faced a very unique issue in connection with our client’s motor vehicle accident. In this case, the client was t-boned by a driver with a $100,000 policy. Our client ended up having a cervical fusion. Because of the accident, our client was out of work for a...
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Turn your phone off when you drive

Perhaps the easiest way to become a safer driver is just to turn off your phone. Other actions, such as putting on a seat belt, are certainly wise and can help you if you get into an accident. But turning your phone off is one of the best ways to...
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What are the odds someone will come out of a coma?

When you hear that your loved one has been in a serious car accident and they’re unconscious, it may feel like the entire world just dropped out from under your feet. You have a ton of questions, and it may seem like there are no clear answers. One thing you...
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Prepare for the season with these safe driving tips for autumn

New York is gorgeous in the fall, but the unpredictable weather patterns can put you at risk of a vehicle crash. Each year, an estimated 12,093 state residents will require hospitalization due to injuries suffered in car accidents. It is wise to prepare for the unique roadway safety challenges each new season...
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Driver fatigue can lead to serious crashes

All drivers must be well-rested when they get behind the wheel of their vehicle. When they aren’t, they may do things that cause crashes. Unfortunately, there are innocent victims on the roads who might suffer from catastrophic injuries when this happens. Some drivers think that the experience they have operating...
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The lasting impact of amputations caused by a car accident

Car accident victims in Westchester County and New York City can suffer injuries from minor lacerations to life-changing physical damage. One of the most traumatic injuries these victims can face is losing one or more limbs due to a crash. We have served victims that have lost a limb in...
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Avoid drunk driving crashes this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is the deadliest day on the road, so it’s important for drivers to know what to watch out for. Like any other time, there will be hazards like roadwork or potholes. There will also be pedestrians or cyclists to watch out for. However, on the Fourth,...
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How often are car accidents fatal?

Clearly, the traffic fatality rate in the United States is different every year. There are more people as the population continues to grow. A different specific number of people lose their lives each year, impacting the rate. You have to factor that in when looking at how many people die...
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