Prepare for the season with these safe driving tips for autumn

Prepare for the season with these safe driving tips for autumn

New York is gorgeous in the fall, but the unpredictable weather patterns can put you at risk of a vehicle crash. Each year, an estimated 12,093 state residents will require hospitalization due to injuries suffered in car accidents. It is wise to prepare for the unique roadway safety challenges each new season brings.

New York state is filled with many autumn driving hazards that could result in serious car accidents. While you probably know about many such hazards, it is always wise to revisit them before the leaves begin to fall. Below are three of the most common safety hazards New Yorkers face in the autumn.

Wildlife: Deer and other animals can come out of nowhere and cause an accident. Watch out for wildlife in the fall and keep an eye on your fellow motorists who might not be so cautious when animals appear.

Leaves: Although beautiful, fallen leaves can cause you or another motorist to lose control of your vehicle. Be cautious about fallen leaves while also paying attention to how other motorists drive in these conditions.

Ice and frost: As the temperatures begin to fall, unexpected frost or ice can turn a safe road into an immediate danger. Continue driving cautiously while watching out for other cars that might collide with your vehicle.

The main takeaway from this post is that regardless of how safely you drive in the fall, others might not be so safety conscious. When a car accident leaves you with serious or even catastrophic injuries, consider consulting with a legal advocate to discuss how to acquire compensation. This gives you financial relief while also holding liable the party responsible for your suffering.

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