Car accidents and insurance claims: Don’t make one of these mistakes

Car Accidents

Car accidents and insurance claims: Don’t make one of these mistakes

After a car accident in which you suffer a serious injury, your top priority is stabilizing your health and putting yourself on the road to making a full recovery. While you do this, you’ll soon find yourself seeking ways to obtain compensation for your injuries, medical bills, property damage and...
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Summer’s ‘100 Deadliest Days’ have begun

The summer is a relief for many in New York. For working adults, it’s a chance for longer days, relaxing evenings and going on vacation. For students, it’s a break from school and a chance to see friends. Summer days are thought of equally as packed with activities and relaxingly...
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Which is worse, distracted driving or drunk driving?

Distracted driving has always existed. Drivers in past generations got distracted by events outside or billboards. When the radio was invented, it quickly became a distraction. Children and pets in the car have always been an issue. That said, the “new” face of distracted driving is certainly the smartphone. It...
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People often seem different after a brain injury

Brain injuries are complicated, and they can have major ramifications that can change a person’s life forever. In some cases, they even ruin relationships and end marriages. Why does this happen? There are a few reasons, but today we’ll take a look at how someone may change and seem different...
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Poor phone behavior could lead to a serious crash

Distracted driving is more than just annoying. It’s a serious issue that leads to crashes every day. The victims of those crashes may suffer from serious injuries or even die as a result of one driver’s bad decision. Some people think that getting distracted for a few seconds isn’t a...
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Safe Driving Tips for Senior Citizens

In general, senior citizens as a group are safe drivers when compared to others. Most obey the speed limit, wear seat belts and avoid drinking and driving. But this age group is especially vulnerable to death or injury in car accidents due to age-related conditions. Fragile bones, heart disease and diabetes can make...
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Long Island Woman Dies in Hit-and-Run Accident

A fatal hit-and-run accident happens almost six times every day in the U.S. A 38-year older woman in North Babylon became the latest New York victim when an AutoZone delivery van struck two pedestrians and just kept going. The van had pulled out of a company lot onto Deer Park Avenue when...
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Could Crash Test Dummies Be to Blame For the Wide Discrepancy between Male and Female Accident Deaths?

Women have a higher probability of dying or being seriously injured in a vehicle accident than men, and part of the reason may lie in the outdated crash test dummies used by car manufacturers. The problem is real and it is significant. Researchers from the University of Virginia have reported that the...
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