Preventing Fatalities In Ambulance Accidents


Preventing Fatalities In Ambulance Accidents
Accidents involving ambulances can be devastating to both occupants of the ambulance and the other car involved. According to the National Fire Protection Association, more than 84,000 ambulance crashes occurred in the United States between 1990 and 2009. Of that number, 590 resulted in at least one fatality and nearly 29,000...
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NY Accident Attorney Offers Tips For Backing Up Tractor Trailers In Ice And Snow
Backing up a tractor trailer is one of the most difficult tasks of truck drivers. Not only is the sheer length of the vehicle difficult to maneuver, but wintry weather conditions can make the job extremely dangerous. While the media often focuses on winter tractor trailer accidents that occur while...
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Tenants’ Rights In NYC From A NY Premises Liability Attorney
NYC has millions of residents who rent. Because you do not own your dwelling or place of business, you still have the right to live in good and safe conditions. Landlords must keep their properties clean, safe and secure. If this is not happening, it’s important for tenants to know...
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NY Slip-And-Fall Injury Attorney: What To Do If You Slip And Fall In A Restaurant
Eating out at a restaurant is a ritual to be enjoyed as it brings families together, sets the scene for an intimate date, or allows one alone time with a cup of coffee and a good read. The experience can be tainted though, if a customer sustains an injury from...
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NY Personal Injury Attorney: Suing A Cruise Line In NY
This year, cruise lines have posted data pertaining to crime incidents on their websites. Of these crimes, many result in personal injury. If you have suffered harm on a cruise ship and have questions about your case, read through these frequently asked questions to give you information before coming to our...
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NY Personal Injury Attorney: Spring Cleaning Safety In The Yard And On Ladders
When the snow melts and the ground thaws many of us can’t wait to get outside and start beautifying our yards. This can be an exciting time, but also a dangerous one. For example, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that between 2010-2012, 38,000 people sustained injuries using power...
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NY Accident Attorney: Winter Precipitation Causes Slip-And-Fall Accidents
Slip and fall accidents are the most debilitating accidents in the United States. Not only do these injuries cause loss of mobility and subsequent working wages, but many other cases cause life-long injuries and fatalities. Winter brings along wet precipitation that causes slippery surfaces, especially when considering ice. It is...
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NY Accident Attorney: Factors Contributing To Slips, Trips And Falls
Personal injuries stem from a variety of accidents. Still, no other types of accidents cause more serious injuries every year than slips, trips and falls. Some victims might get lucky with just a few bruises and a headache. Others aren’t so lucky; you or a loved one could end up with...
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