Product Liability: Dangers Of Dishwashers

Product Liability: Dangers Of Dishwashers

You want your dishes clean, and for an appliance to complete the job so you can go about your busy schedule. This is the purpose of having a dishwasher; sadly, many consumers are injured or killed every year as a result of faulty dishwashing appliances. Know the potential dangers and what to do if a faulty dishwasher wreaks havoc on your family.

Common Dangers

The most common danger associated with dishwashers is the internal circuit board. This unit is responsible for powering up the appliance, and it also helps the dishwasher run each individual cycle. Faulty circuit boards can burn wires and plastic components within the appliance, eventually resulting in fire. In 2012, several instances were reported from consumers who had these types of issues from dishwashers made by the industry leaders: GE and Whirlpool.

Another less known danger is a potential inefficacy of the dishwasher. If your dishes don’t seem dry or fully clean after running a cycle, it is important not to use them. This can indicate a faulty cycling process which leaves supposedly clean dishes still crawling with old food and bacteria.

Taking Action

If a dishwasher causes a fire in your home and no one is injured, count yourself lucky. Still, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel in every case of a faulty dishwasher. While manufacturers may offer to swap out the appliance, this isn’t enough to cover other types of damages that may ensue. It is also important to take preventive action when possible. Never run the dishwasher when you’re away from home, and stop the system if you smell burning.

If you experience problems from a dishwasher, contact an experienced New York products liability lawyer.

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