Tenants’ Rights In NYC From A NY Premises Liability Attorney

Tenants’ Rights In NYC From A NY Premises Liability Attorney

NYC has millions of residents who rent. Because you do not own your dwelling or place of business, you still have the right to live in good and safe conditions. Landlords must keep their properties clean, safe and secure. If this is not happening, it’s important for tenants to know what rights they are entitled to.


Must be turned on from October 1st to May 31st.

Hot Water

Must be provided year-round.

Right to Privacy

Landlords can only enter the premises when the tenant is not there under certain conditions. They can come in to do repairs that have been pre-arranged with the tenant, show the space to a possible new owner or tenant, do emergency repairs, and when an emergency happens such as a fire. Landlords cannot interfere with cable TV installation.

Repairs and Maintenance

Landlords must keep all apartments clean and not allow for insects or rodents to inhabit the premises. The property must be sanitary and free of garbage. All systems need to be maintained including plumbing, electric, heating, and ventilation. Appliances should all be working and safe.

Lead Paint Free

Lead paint has been proven to cause health problems, especially in children. Landlords must make sure the property does not contain lead paint hazards if a child resides there under the age of seven. Any workers that come in must be trained in lead paint safety training if there work will disturb lead paint and if it is peeling it must be removed.

Eviction Protection

When a tenant has a lease, and does not violate it or any local housing laws or codes, they cannot be evicted during their lease period. The tenant must receive written notice if the landlord intends to sell or purchase the property. If a tenant is evicted for proper reasons, the landlord cannot keep any of the furniture or personal possessions, and they must be given sufficient time to vacate the premises.

Contact an experienced NY premises liability attorney if you feel your rights as a tenant have been infringed upon.

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