NY Slip-And-Fall Injury Attorney: What To Do If You Slip And Fall In A Restaurant

NY Slip-And-Fall Injury Attorney: What To Do If You Slip And Fall In A Restaurant

Eating out at a restaurant is a ritual to be enjoyed as it brings families together, sets the scene for an intimate date, or allows one alone time with a cup of coffee and a good read. The experience can be tainted though, if a customer sustains an injury from a slip or fall. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, every year more that 1 million restaurant patrons are injured by slips and falls. If this happens to you, there are steps you should take to ensure the best outcome.


In order for the restaurant to be held liable, it must be proven that it as their negligence that caused the injury. If a customer drops a fork and you slip on it, the restaurant likely won’t be responsible. Some examples of negligence include:

  • Failure to clean spills in walkways or bathrooms.
  • Failure to post wet floor signs.
  • Failure to attend to floor mats and carpets with debris buildup or rips.
  • Failure to clean walkways and stairs from weather debris such as ice and snow.


After the slip and fall accident happens, you should seek medical attention immediately at your doctor’s office or the ER. Before you leave the restaurant, it is helpful if you can take some precautionary steps:

  • Take a picture of the scene with a camera or cell phone.
  • Get the names of any witnesses, including employees.
  • Jot down any details of what happened before they are forgotten.
  • Get the manager’s name and address of establishment.
  • Save a receipt as more proof that you were there.

Once you have established proof and have your medical bills and needs in order, the restaurant can be held liable for payment. Contact an experienced NY slip and fall attorney if you have experienced and injury in a restaurant and we will guide you through the process of getting compensation you deserve.

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