More inspections are helping drop the number of construction accidents in New York City

Construction Accidents

More inspections are helping drop the number of construction accidents in New York City

New York City has a lot of construction going on — almost constantly. If new buildings aren’t being built, old buildings are being remodeled and resurfaced. Injuries among workers (and bystanders) are common. There is some good news, however: The number of construction injuries between January and October of 2019 fell by...
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Falls hurt many construction workers despite being preventable

It is no secret that construction is one of the most dangerous professions in the United States. Construction workers are at increased risk for both injurious accidents and fatal workplace incidents. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has identified the four biggest risks to construction workers, also called the “fatal...
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Preventing trench collapses: Tips for safety

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), trenching violations and excavation errors were a big problem in 2019. The agency hopes that 2020 will be better and has begun initiatives designed to provide workers (and their employers) with a better understanding of the need for safety measures. With...
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Why are there so many construction accidents in New York City?

As of 2019, construction work became one of the deadliest jobs that a New Yorker could hold. Deadly accidents have increased every year since 2014, when the first major post-recession building boom hit the city. In 2017 alone, injuries climbed an incredible 17% — and fatalities doubled. Accidents remain commonplace,...
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Labor Law 240 is unique to New York

Construction workers have a lot of factors to consider when they’re trying to get their job duties done. For some, working on scaffolding is an important part of this job. Workers who have to climb on scaffolds count on their employer to ensure they have a suitable — and safe...
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New York City Construction Worker Deaths on the Rise

Can you guess what the deadliest job is in New York City? Police officer, subway workers, taxi drivers or sanitation workers? Wrong! The jobs with the most fatalities and injuries in the City are construction jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over the last five years, worksite fatalities have increased 33%. Incredibly, worksite injuries have...
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Manhattan Construction Accident Causes Worker Death on Scaffolding

In a recent Manhattan construction accident, a 51-year old worker was killed while suspended on a scaffold 7 stories from the ground. While working on the 14-story Upper East Side residential building, a heavy stone slab known as a coping stone was dislodged above him. The stone hit the worker on the head...
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Forklift Construction Accident Kills Worker in Brooklyn

A 44-year old construction worker was killed recently when a falling piece of metal that had been dropped from a forklift struck him. Responders were unable to save him and he died at the scene of the construction accident. The victim had been on the roof of the six-story condominium development...
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