People often seem different after a brain injury

People often seem different after a brain injury

Brain injuries are complicated, and they can have major ramifications that can change a person’s life forever. In some cases, they even ruin relationships and end marriages. Why does this happen?

There are a few reasons, but today we’ll take a look at how someone may change and seem different than they were before the injury. Even after they have healed, they might not just go back to the way they were before. These permanent personality changes may eventually lead to divorce, job loss and a lot of other issues because they just can’t relate to the people around them anymore.

  • For instance, some people struggle with communication. They may not be able to grasp what others say very quickly, or they may have trouble finding the right words. This can lead to feelings of depression and isolation.
  • In other cases, people feel frustrated and angry about the injury and the limitations it places on their lives. This can lead to angry outbursts and even violent episodes.
  • In still other cases, people deal with the “invisible” ramifications of an injury that no one else can really understand. They may have trouble remembering things, for instance, or they may feel exhausted all the time.

No matter what shape the changes take, they cut the injured person off from those around them. It may feel like living with a stranger, even when it is someone that friends and family members have known for decades. These changes are often very hard to deal with and can make a person feel like life will never be normal again.

Serious brain injuries can happen in seconds in a car accident. Those involved need to know what legal options they have.

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