Bad Weather Car Accidents in Nanuet
Bad Weather Car Accidents in Nanuet

Bad Weather Car Accidents in Nanuet

As all residents of New York know, the weather can be unpredictable. Unfortunately, this means there is a heightened likelihood of auto accidents if drivers are not careful. Bad weather car accidents in Nanuet can be difficult to avoid if other motorists are not being cautious. If you were on the wrong end of a crash, then a dedicated car accident attorney from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could assist you in holding the other party accountable.

The Effect of Weather on Drivers

Bad weather can cause trouble for drivers at nearly any time of the year. Snow, rain, wind, excessive leaves in the fall, and icy conditions can all affect how someone handles their vehicle. It can lead to hydroplaning, skidding, slipping, and an overall loss of control, or it can reduce visibility, preventing a driver from seeing other motorists, pedestrians, obstacles, or even stop signs.

Rollover, side impacts, and rear-end accidents are common due to bad road conditions, especially when too much ice makes it impossible to quickly stop.

Initial Steps to Take After an Accident in Bad Weather

A person in Nanuet who was involved in a bad weather accident should take pictures and videos of the accident scene as soon as possible, in order to have evidence of what the conditions were like since they will disappear quickly. They should also preserve a copy of the forecast for the day. If poor conditions were properly forecasted, that should affect how drivers navigate the roads.

Assigning Fault

A driver must operate their vehicle in the same way that a reasonably prudent person would drive in any situation, especially those which involve bad weather conditions. If they were speeding, it could contribute to the assignment of fault. No matter what the posted speed limit says, excessive rain or snow might require motorists to drive far below that. Braking early, especially if they are on a downward slope, is often necessary if there is a lot of ice on the ground. Drivers are expected to make reasonable adjustments based on whatever the conditions are outside.

It can be tough to move forward with a case if there was not a second vehicle involved. Sometimes there will be a premises liability case, such as those involving a pothole or an unsafe condition that exists due to the negligence of the local municipality. Alternatively, there might be a defect with a car part, which might mean that the manufacturer has liability.

Preventing Accidents in Poor Weather

There are numerous things a person in Nanuet can do to protect themselves while driving in bad weather – including driving below the posted limit, putting on snow tires, turning on their lights in fog, and anything else that would prevent a crash or a spinout. Not only will this help prevent a crash, but it can also be used in litigation to show that the driver was taking necessary precautions and that they should not be given partial fault for an incident. These simple steps are easy to do and could end up preventing both physical injury and legal liability.

Talk with One of Our Nanuet Attorneys After a Bad Weather Car Crash

Insurance companies often try to pin blame on the plaintiff in a personal injury case, especially in situations where the weather played a major factor. Do not let them control the narrative. Work with the law firm of StolzenbergCortelli, LLP after you experience a bad weather car accident in Nanuet.

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