Nanuet Premises Liability Lawyer
Nanuet Premises Liability Lawyer

Nanuet Premises Liability Lawyer

People have the right to expect that they will be safe at other people’s homes and places of business. When a person enters a neighbor’s yard to go to their barbecue, they should not have to worry about falling or tripping on an unexpected hazard. Similarly, when a customer goes into their favorite department store to shop for a gift, they should not have to fear slipping on a wet floor. Unfortunately, accidents like these happen every day.

If you recently suffered a serious injury away from home, you might be eligible to pursue financial damages in a lawsuit with assistance from a hard-working personal injury attorney. A Nanuet premises liability lawyer could inform you of your legal options.

Explaining the Legal Concept of Premises Liability Law

If somebody sustains an accident at a home or business owned by another person, they might have legal cause to bring a premises liability claim. These claims arise when the injury occurs because of the negligent or reckless operation or maintenance of a property.

In Nanuet, anyone who suffers an injury while they are lawfully on the property could file a claim against anyone in charge of the property’s upkeep. They could sue the property’s owner, the business owner that leases space on the property, the business manager, the landscaper, or the property manager. For example, a residential tenant could sue their landlord for injuries that they sustain in their apartment building.

Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

Any type of injury that occurs away from a claimant’s home can give rise to a premises liability lawsuit. Most frequently, people file lawsuits after slips and falls, dog attacks, swimming pool accidents such as drownings, exposure to toxic substances, or as a result of a construction site accident. People also can file claims if they are the victims of criminal attacks if the premises where the attack occurred had poor lighting and inadequate security.

It is not always clear who holds liability for an accident, or if there should even be liability at all, which is why working with a dangerous property injury lawyer in Nanuet is a crucial first step.

How to Prevail in a Nanuet Premises Liability Claim

To succeed in a claim, the injured claimant would need to establish the following:

  • There was a hazard on the premises
  • The property owner knew of the risk or should have known that the property had an unsafe condition
  • The property owner should have known that unsuspecting visitors, customers, clients, or guests, would not be aware of the danger
  • The claimant suffered an injury because of the hazardous condition

Even if the landowner did not actually know of the hazardous condition, a court could deem that they had “constructive knowledge” if a reasonable landowner could have discovered the hazard through routine inspection, upkeep, and maintenance.

It is critical to work with a Nanuet premises liability attorney with a successful record of helping people recover damages. A strong team of attorneys could aggressively fight for justice so that an injured person is not stuck with their medical bills.

Get in Touch with a Nanuet Premises Liability Attorney Today

Landowners owe a duty of care to people who legally visit their property and they need to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe for visitors. When property owners fail to perform regular upkeep on their property, unsuspecting visitors can suffer devastating injuries. If this occurs, the people who failed to maintain the property should be legally responsible for the cost of the resulting injuries.

If you are suffering from injuries sustained on someone else’s property, you might be able to sue them for legal compensation. Get in touch with a Nanuet premises liability lawyer today to discuss your next steps.

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