Head-On Collisions in Nanuet
Head-On Collisions in Nanuet

Head-On Collisions in Nanuet

A head-on collision occurs when two cars crash into each other with their front ends. This often happens when a car crosses over the double yellow line and strikes the car going the other way, potentially causing severe and life-altering injuries. It is important to contact a lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP if you were the victim of a head-on collision in Nanuet that was the fault of another person.

Injuries Associated with Head-On Crashes

The higher the rate of speed in a head-on collision, the more serious the injuries are likely to be. Broken bones are possible, as well as whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries. If the oncoming vehicle is driving especially fast, such as on the highway, an accidental death is also possible.

In addition, a person might suffer major cuts and lacerations if the windows break and showers them with glass. The force from the crash can be enough to throw a person from their seat, which is why it is critically important to wear a seatbelt. A Nanuet lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP should be informed of every injury sustained in a head-on car accident so that all damages can be accounted for.

What to Do After a Head-On Car Accident

There are several actions to take after a crash has occurred. An attorney must speak with the insurance company, file a personal injury action, notify all relevant parties, and begin collecting evidence.

It is important for injured plaintiffs to follow up with doctors because they need to get medical treatment for all of their injuries, and to make sure that nothing more serious happened. It also helps their case that they received medical attention right away because it proves that they were actually injured as a result of the accident. Ignoring medical treatment after a front-end car accident can indicate to many people that the injuries were not serious or non-existent.

Assigning Fault

Fault in a car accident is determined based on the evidence provided in the police report and during settlement negotiations or trials. Both the plaintiff’s lawyer and the defendant’s insurance company will conduct investigations to gather evidence that proves their side of the story. For example, video proof of the crash or tire streaks on the road showing one party crossing the center line can be used as evidence.

Liability could be affected by distracted driving, bad weather, speeding, drinking and driving, or any other action that breaks the rules of the road. A Nanuet head-on crash attorney from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could use any of these factors to pin liability on the defendant.

The Potential for Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are an extra set of compensation that is meant to punish the offender for being overly reckless or breaking the law. Punitive damages might be possible if the person who was responsible was drinking and driving, distracted driving, or committing a crime while driving which caused the accident. A person might be fleeing the scene of a crime, driving erratically, and end up crashing into someone else. However, even if punitive damages are not likely, the plaintiff can still make a claim for economic and non-economic damages for their losses.

Call an Attorney to Learn More About Head-On Collisions in Nanuet

When you are in the recovery stage of a car accident, you may be experiencing head trauma or difficulty in moving around. You should not attempt to handle a legal matter by yourself. Reach out to StolzenbergCortelli, LLP, and speak with a lawyer about your head-on collision in Nanuet.

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