Nanuet Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
Nanuet Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Nanuet Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Few things in life are more enjoyable than cruising down the street with your hair blowing in the wind. Many bikers state how much they love the freedom they feel while riding on the open roads. Unfortunately, that freedom can come at a cost if a crash occurs. Unlike cars, motorcycles offer their riders minimal safety protections. If a car crashes into a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is at risk of life-changing injuries. This is where a reliable personal injury attorney could help.

If you suffered harm in a motorcycle wreck, a Nanuet motorcycle lawyer might be able to assist you with a civil lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident.

Steps To Take After a Motorcycle Crash

After a serious accident, a motorcyclist might be overwhelmed and in shock. They might be tempted to go home to rest. Leaving the scene of an accident quickly is often a mistake, particularly if the motorcyclist later decides to pursue compensation in a legal claim. There are steps that bikers should take and evidence that they should collect before leaving the scene.

  • Call 911 – Call to report the incident so that a police officer can investigate the crash and write an accident report.
  • Obtain medical assistance – Visit a hospital or doctor who can evaluate and treat any injuries. Injured bikers could later use the medical report as evidence that the crash caused their injury.
  • Exchange insurance and other information – Obtain the names, phone numbers, and insurance information of all drivers involved in the accident.
  • Take pictures at the crash scene – Take photographs of the crash site, vehicle damage, and any visible physical injuries.
  • Search for eyewitnesses – Obtain the names and phone numbers of bystanders to the crash.
  • Get an estimate for repairs – Bring a damaged motorcycle to a mechanic to get an estimate on how much it would cost to repair it.
  • Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Nanuet.

If a motorcyclist is too injured to follow through on these steps right after the accident, it is still critical to speak with legal counsel as soon as possible, who could investigate the crash and collect evidence.

How Motorcycle Crashes Often Happen in Nanuet

Motorcycle accidents commonly occur when car drivers do not see a biker near them. Motorcycles are smaller and harder to spot than most other vehicles, especially at night. Because they do not expect to see a motorcycle, many motorists do not notice bikes even when they are right next to them. Many crashes occur at intersections when motorists proceed without yielding to motorcycles, who often have the right of way. Accidents also frequently occur when car drivers sideswipe motorcycles as they make unsafe lane changes without using their turn signals or checking in their mirrors.

Careless drivers can crash into motorcyclists when they make serious driving errors, such as speeding, distracted driving, or impaired driving. Reckless drivers who tailgate motorcyclists can also cause collisions.

Regardless of the cause, a Nanuet motorcyclist injury lawyer could work tirelessly to investigate the details of the accident, to determine if anyone else bears legal and financial responsibility for the injured claimant’s losses.

Call a Nanuet Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After sustaining severe injuries in a motorcycle wreck, you will need all the help you can get – both in terms of medical care and in paying for that care. While you are unable to work as you recuperate from your injuries, you need a way to support your family.

A Nanuet motorcycle accident lawyer could help provide you with the necessary compensation. They could help you file a legal claim and advocate for your rights throughout the complex legal process until you get what you deserve. Arrange a meeting with us today.

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