Top Five Reasons Workers Slip And Fall On The Job

Top Five Reasons Workers Slip And Fall On The Job

Workers in any type of industry are susceptible to slip and fall accidents. They are one of the most common worker’s compensation-related accidents that put people out of work for a period of time.

Here are the top 5 reasons people suffer injuries from slip and fall accidents while on the job and how to avoid them:

Working From Heights

Workers such as those in construction are often put to task working at heights greater than they may be comfortable with. These workers often get injured on the job when they slip due to the unsteady scaffolding system or just out of fear of the heights at which they are working. Slips often result in falls that can cause serious injuries or prove to be fatal. The most important aspect of preventing these types of accidents is to have proper safety equipment in place to prevent falls resulting from a worker slipping.


Warehouse workers and those who work with chemicals and other liquid materials often slip and fall on spills that have just occurred or have not been properly cleaned up. Many liquid materials cause cement floors to remain slippery if not properly cleaned up. Busy workers often suffer back injuries, neck injuries, and broken bones caused by slipping in liquid spills. The only way to prevent such accidents is to promptly report and clean up spills and put out warning signs to keep other workers away until the spill is cleaned.

Cluttered Workspace

Busy work areas are often cluttered during the workday. Wires, materials, and equipment left lying on the work floor will be the cause of employee slip, trips, and falls. This type of accident is easily prevented if all co-workers follow properly clean up and safety measures by keeping the work floor clean and free of debris.

Work Vehicle Falls

Many workers have suffered serious neck and head injuries after falling from a vehicle or piece of equipment. Many work vehicles are situated high up off of the ground and employees not exhibiting care when exiting or entering a vehicle are susceptible to falling to the ground below. Use caution when exiting or entering a vehicle and make sure you don’t take safety for granted no matter how experienced you are.

Office Worker Hazards

While many would assume that most manual laborers are most susceptible to slip and fall injuries at work, the majority of injuries occur to those working desk jobs. Tripping over the wires of office equipment, bunched up carpeting, or materials lying around the office floor is one of the main reasons people suffer trip, slip, or fall injuries like broken toes, back injuries, and broken limbs. The only way to avoid such accidents is for the worker to remain alert on their rounds through the cubicles and management needs to practice safety training to ensure co-workers aren’t negligent, leading to such accidents.

If you have been injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall, it is important that your rights for a workers compensation claim are protected. Contact our office for an evaluation of your potential worker’s compensation claim by calling us toll free at or by using our contact form online.

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