Tanker Trailer Accidents Involving Hazardous Cargo Are Particularly Dangerous

Tanker Trailer Accidents Involving Hazardous Cargo Are Particularly Dangerous

24/7, 365 days a year, tanker trailers are carrying materials on America’s highways – 3 billion tons each year!

The materials transported by tanker trucks can be as harmless as pool water and milk. However, these trucks also carry toxic and dangerous fluids, including oil and gas, corrosive chemicals, biohazards, and radioactive substances.

Liquid cargo is often less stable than other products. Liquids can shift during transport, altering the truck’s center of gravity. This type of cargo may make it difficult for the driver to maintain control while tackling a steep curving highway on and off ramps and while maneuvering through traffic.

Tanker Trailer Accidents Have Unique Dangers

When involved in a truck accident, the tank in a truck carrying liquid cargo can rupture and spill its contents onto the roadway. Drivers and passengers have an increased chance of injury when exposed to corrosive chemicals or toxic fumes.

In a tractor-trailer accident, injuries are caused by the crash impact and include traumatic brain injuries, sprains, fractures, and neck and back injuries. Victims of a tanker accident may experience these as well but are also subject to exposure from the truck’s hazardous contents. This exposure can result in blindness or organ damage. This type of cargo may also ignite, causing severe burns.

Injuries from hazardous spills can be devastating and may even result in temporary or permanent disability. A victim’s physical status may prevent a return to work or even enjoying their previous lifestyle.

If the spilled content is oil-based, the vehicles involved in the crash, as well as others, may impact further with the truck.

Hazardous Cargo Carriers Must Adhere to Special Rules

The U.S. federal government regulates the transportation of hazardous materials. Tanker trailers must follow special rules including:

· Appropriate signage warning of hazardous contents.

· Proper loading and securing of cargo.

· Avoiding certain roads where transporting these types of materials is a public hazard.

· Constant monitoring of the cargo.

· Special training for drivers.

In the event of a truck accident involving hazardous materials, the driver, trucking company, or truck manufacturer may be found negligent.

We Can Help If You Have Been Injured in a Truck Accident

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