Put Safety First When Enjoying Summer Fireworks

Put Safety First When Enjoying Summer Fireworks

With summer right around the corner, we think of barbecues and beach outings and fireworks. Especially for the Fourth of July, one of our best American traditions!

Unfortunately, every year thousands of people are treated for fireworks-related injuries in emergency rooms. Some are killed, often from careless or illegal use of these dangerous devices. In 2017, 8 people died nationwide from fireworks-related accidents and almost 13,000 were injured.

These powerful pyrotechnics can deliver severe injuries to people and serious property damage. Injuries can be disabling and even lead to death. Common injuries are burns, particularly to the fingers, hands, eyes and face, as well as permanent loss of digits, limbs and eyesight.

Take Advantage of Professional Fireworks Displays

The smartest way to enjoy fireworks during the upcoming holidays is to attend a public display. Most are free and safety is a high priority as the right professionals prepare and carry out the show.

What could be better than our own New York City Macy’s Fourth of July spectacle? The 43rd annual show kicks off at 9:20 pm on July 4.

You can find more upcoming local fireworks displays here.

Follow State and Local Laws When Buying and Using Fireworks

Federal law regulates the most dangerous fireworks. For example, the sale of M-80s, cherry bombs and aerial bombs are prohibited by federal law.

Other state and local laws apply in our area. New York State allows the purchase and use of “sparkling devices” that are handheld or ground-based and produce sparks, colored flames, smoke and noise. All other types of fireworks, including metal sparklers, are prohibited.

However, local county or city regulations may even prohibit “sparkling devices.” For example, Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens and Westchester counties are among those that forbid “sparkling devices.”

It is also a violation of state law to buy fireworks that are illegal in New York, but available in Pennsylvania and transport them across state lines.

Be cautious even when using sparkling devices to avoid injury. Never let children handle fireworks. Keep a working hose or bucket of water available. Don’t try to pick up a firework that didn’t fully ignite in an attempt to re-use it. Make sure that all firework litter is doused with water at the end of your celebration.

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