NY Accident Attorney: Factors Contributing To Slips, Trips And Falls

NY Accident Attorney: Factors Contributing To Slips, Trips And Falls

Personal injuries stem from a variety of accidents. Still, no other types of accidents cause more serious injuries every year than slips, trips and falls. Some victims might get lucky with just a few bruises and a headache. Others aren’t so lucky; you or a loved one could end up with broken bones, a head injury or a broken back. In even worse cases, some die from injuries related to slips, trips and falls. While it is the responsibility of employers and business owners to provide safe walking surfaces, it is still up to employees and patrons to be aware of the factors that contribute to these types of accidents.

Lack of Lighting

Without adequate lighting, you cannot possibly see where you are going. When a business operates with a lack of lighting, people can easily miss objects, wires and spills.

Wetness and Spills

Water and other liquids can make any seemingly safe walking surface into a danger zone. Tile and laminate are particularly dangerous, but cement and asphalt are also common locations of slips, trips and falls.

Inadequate Stairs

Stairs are dangerous enough as is, especially for the elderly. What makes these steps even trickier to navigate are objects left in the way or undetected spills on the surface. Some businesses even fail to fix rotting stair rails, which can end up breaking during use.

Other Causes

While a lack of lighting, wet surfaces and inadequate stairs are the most common contributors to slip and fall accidents at work, just about any portion of your surroundings can cause personal injury. Tripping over items, falling off of work vehicles and the misuse of office equipment can also lead to slip, trip and fall accidents. Use caution wherever you work, and contact a NY accident attorney if you experience any related injuries.

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