Yonkers Slip and Fall Lawyer
Yonkers Slip and Fall Lawyer

Yonkers Slip and Fall Lawyer

You should not have to worry about getting hurt at the grocery store or a restaurant. Property owners and landlords are expected to maintain this area so visitors like you do not get hurt.

Many slip and fall incidents occur in commercial spaces. Because businesses invite guests to their property to conduct business that benefits them, owners have a responsibility to keep those premises safe. When you have been injured to the point where you need medical attention, a Yonkers slip and fall lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could assess whether your accident rises to the level of requiring a personal injury lawsuit.

What Counts as a Slip and Fall Accident?   

The makings of a slip and fall accident occur daily: a restaurant server spills a drink on the floor; a plumbing leak erupts in a department store bathroom; or a neighbor does not put salt on the ice in their driveway. These mishaps could escalate to slip and fall accidents if an owner or manager does not have the mess cleaned quickly or does not post warnings for visitors. Some typical slip and falls can occur from the following:

  • Unanchored area rugs that slip easily across slick floors
  • Unmarked, uneven floors
  • Littered and unlit stairwells
  • Spilled food or drink that is not cleaned up for hours
  • Parking lots with ice buildup
  • Cracked and broken sidewalks

Owners and landlords should stay on top of their premises to make sure they can address any new dangers. People injured on their property can recover compensation for their monetary and health losses if they call StolzenbergCortelli, LLP and get help from a Yonkers slip and fall attorney.

How the Law Categorizes Property Visitors

New York law divides people into three categories of property visitors. Although owners do not owe any duty to trespassing adults, except for refraining from purposely harming them, they have a duty to safeguard property from known dangers for child trespassers, who may be drawn to certain things like swimming pools.

Social visitors are known as licensees, such as friends who come for dinner at a person’s home. To prevent slip and falls and other injuries, these owners must warn guests of potential dangers they are aware of.

Invitees are owed the highest duty of care. These are business visitors and they are on the property for the owner’s benefit – usually to purchase something. Owners must protect invitees from slip and falls due to both known and unknown reasons. There must be routine inspections in order to identify any hazard and they should address it as soon as possible.

What Does a Slip and Fall Attorney Do?

In both negotiations with insurance companies and personal injury lawsuits, evidence is key to an equitable settlement. Insurance companies are notorious for pressuring injured parties into settlements that do not properly reimburse them for their losses. They prey on vulnerable people who cannot work and need money to pay medical bills and support their family.

With evidence of conditions surrounding a slip and fall, a Yonkers lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could negotiate from a strong position. Anyone who falls and is injured on property should document the immediate surroundings as proof of negligence.

For example, a lack of warning signs is negligence by omission. A slip and fall attorney will also study medical and police reports, surveillance video, and talk to witnesses, including store personnel.

Seek Help From a Yonkers Slip and Fall Attorney

When you fall and are injured on someone else’s property where the dangerous condition was not repaired or properly warned about, you may be eligible for compensation from the landowner. At StolzenbergCortelli, LLP, our Yonkers slip and fall lawyers could represent you in court and prevent the defendant’s insurance company from taking advantage of you. Learn more by calling us today.

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