Tarrytown Speeding Lawyer
Tarrytown Speeding Lawyer

Tarrytown Speeding Lawyer

Speeding tickets are a common occurrence in Tarrytown and throughout the state. The police are constantly on high alert for speeding motorists and they write thousands of tickets each year. Most people assume the fine is unavoidable, so they pay it and move on with their life.

However, you might benefit from the guidance of a Tarrytown speeding lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP who could help develop a defense strategy that allows you to beat a speeding ticket in court or even see the state dismiss your charges. A skilled traffic attorney could assist you with every aspect of your case so that you do not get points added to your license.

Speeding Penalties

A conviction for speeding can have notable consequences. A driver convicted of traveling over the posted speed limit could face fines, jail time, and even the suspension of their driving privileges if it was significant or frequent enough. A Tarrytown speeding attorney from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could help someone understand what is at stake in their situation.

Jail Time and Fines

Arguably the steepest penalty for a speeding ticket under state law is the risk of jail time. Traveling at much higher speeds could result in jail time—especially for repeat offenders. These charges also come with steep monetary penalties as well.

License Points

In addition to the possibility of paying fines or serving time in jail, a conviction for speeding can also negatively impact a person’s driving privileges. Like most jurisdictions, speeding tickets in Tarrytown result in points on a driver’s license. Enough points accumulated over time will result in a license suspension.

The number of points handed out in a speeding case varies. This variation is based on how fast the person was traveling when they were ticketed. Earning 11 points over an 18-month period will result in the suspension of driving privileges. Points are assessed by traveling the following speeds over the legal limit:

  • 3 points for 1 to 10 mph over
  • 4 points for 11 to 20 mph over
  • 6 points for 21 to 30 mph over
  • 8 points for 31 to 40 mph over
  • 11 points for 41 mph over

Even if a driver goes a few miles over the limit, it could quickly add up to a suspension if they are caught doing it multiple times.

How Does an Attorney Help in a Speeding Case?

Whether or not a person charged with speeding hires an attorney is entirely up to them. In fact, many people agree to a plea bargain with the state without ever speaking to legal counsel. This approach is risky and it can lead to a result that is much worse than if the defendant had retained an attorney.

The guidance of an attorney is important, even in cases where there is ample evidence of guilt. In fact, some of the most important work that our Tarrytown speeding ticket lawyers can perform is through negotiating a favorable plea bargain. In some cases, it could be possible to resolve a speeding ticket without having a conviction on the driver’s record. This outcome could come at a much lower financial cost than simply pleading guilty at arraignment.

Talk to a Tarrytown Speeding Attorney Right Away

If you were ticketed for speeding, there could be a better way to deal with it than simply paying the ticket and moving on. Hiring an attorney could give you the best chance of beating your charge and avoiding any significant consequences. Call StolzenbergCortelli, LLP right away and let a Tarrytown speeding lawyer fight for you.

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