Spring Valley Red Light Lawyer
Spring Valley Red Light Lawyer

Spring Valley Red Light Lawyer

Running a red light might not be the highest level of criminal offense, but these tickets are also more than a minor inconvenience for many people as well. These tickets can come with notable financial costs, not only in the form of a monetary fine but also because of increased insurance costs.

If you received a citation for running a red light, a dedicated traffic attorney might be able to help you fight back. This could include taking your case to trial on your behalf or even negotiating a reasonable plea bargain. It could be in your best interest to discuss your case with a Spring Valley red light lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP.

Ways to Get a Red-Light Violation Ticket

There are different ways that a motorist could get ticketed for running a red light. For many people, this ticket comes immediately after the violation in question. When police officers notice motorists violate red lights or other traffic control devices, they frequently pull them over and issue a citation. This is the most common way for a person to receive these tickets.

There are also situations where a person could be ticketed for running a red light without ever being pulled over by police. Traffic enforcement cameras are commonplace now, especially in busy intersections. One of the primary purposes of these cameras is to enforce laws ordering people to stop at the light. Instead of receiving them in person from an officer, a motorist generally receives this ticket through the mail. These tickets carry the same consequences as any other citation.

No matter which method led to the ticket, they will play out the exact same way once it reaches the court system. A person facing these charges has the right to defend themselves in court, including with the assistance of legal representation. The guidance of a Spring Valley red light attorney from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could help secure a positive outcome by getting the ticket dismissed or the penalty reduced.

Benefits of Hiring a Red Light Ticket Attorney

No matter the circumstances that led to a ticket for violating a red light, the accused has the right to hire an attorney. While many people choose to act as their own lawyer, that can be a costly mistake.

A StolzenbergCortelli, LLP attorney could work to resolve a ticket without the need for a trial. This could involve potentially having the ticket dismissed if the case brought by the State is weak. It could also result in a plea bargain that keeps the violation off the driver’s records. This outcome could avoid a costly increase in insurance premiums.

There are also times when a trial might be worth it—even in cases of moving violations. If the case is weak and the prosecutor refuses to negotiate fairly, an attorney could pursue an acquittal at trial. A red light violation lawyer in Spring Valley could help secure the best possible outcome for the ticketed motorist.

Talk to a Spring Valley Red Light Attorney Today

If you received a ticket for running a red light, you have the option to simply plead guilty. This might be the fastest option but it is rarely the best. In addition to any fines, you might end up with too many points on your license and lose the ability to drive.

A Spring Valley red light lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could evaluate your case and help you determine the best response to your charge. Call us now and learn how we may be able to assist you.


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