Nyack Premises Liability Lawyer
Nyack Premises Liability Lawyer

Nyack Premises Liability Lawyer

Owning property in Nyack comes with significant responsibility. This includes providing adequate protection for guests on that land and taking all appropriate steps to prevent injuries. Despite this clear obligation, thousands of people suffer injuries while visiting property every year. These people have the right to demand compensation for their losses.

A Nyack premises liability lawyer is prepared to take the lead in your case that seeks out these payments. A tough personal injury attorney stands by your side to prove liability for an injury, explain why your losses were the product of a landowner’s negligence, and protect your case from aggressive insurance companies. This aims to secure the payments that you deserve with as little stress as possible.

Premises Liability Cases Involve a Wide-Variety of Incidents

In the general sense, a premises liability case is one that involves a person suffering an injury while visiting another property. Property owners and managers have an obligation to protect visitors from slip and falls or other similar situations.

State law under Maheshwari v. City of New York, 2 N.Y.3d 288 (2004) says that property owners must take reasonable precautions to protect guests from all foreseeable harm. This includes taking action to clear temporary hazards that may cause falls but it can also involve:

  • Repairing structural defects
  • Having proper fire escapes and exits
  • Providing adequate security in places like bars and clubs
  • Have adequate lighting in common areas
  • Providing proper locks on apartment buildings and hotels

Success in these cases hinges on whether an injured person can show that their losses were the product of a landowner’s failure to provide reasonable protection from harm. A Nyack dangerous property attorney could help someone better understand this concept and could take the lead in obtaining evidence needed to prove cases in settlement talks and trials. It is important to get started right away since New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 214 gives most people only three years from the date of an incident to file for compensation.

Providing Compensation for the Full Extent of a Victim’s Losses

Every premises liability event has the potential to result in severe physical injuries and other losses. The goal of these cases is always to obtain the payments needed to cover these losses and bring stability back into a person’s life. A Nyack premises liability attorney works to measure the necessary compensation and seeks it out on behalf of injured clients.

These cases will always center on a physical injury. These are unique to the victims in a case, and liable landowners must provide full payments for all needed medical care, no matter the extent of the loss. In serious situations, this includes an ambulance ride, ER care, surgery, and rehabilitation sessions.

Premises liability cases also seek out compensation for other ways in which the event has changed a person’s life. This may involve emotional traumas connected to an injury, pain, suffering, and even wage reimbursement for time missed on the job. Talking with an attorney now could help someone place an accurate value on their case.

Contact a Nyack Premises Liability Attorney Now

Landowners in Nyack and the surrounding areas have an obligation to keep guests on their land safe from harm. This includes taking steps to prevent accidental injuries, as well as providing security measures to dissuade potential acts of criminality. Failures in either category that result in an injury could entitle you to compensation for your losses.

A Nyack premises liability lawyer is available to help you collect these payments. We are here to explain your rights, gather information about the incident, measure your losses, and demand that all liable parties pay their fair share. Reach out to our office today since state law gives you a limited time following an injury to demand compensation.

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