Nanuet Red Light Lawyer
Nanuet Red Light Lawyer

Nanuet Red Light Lawyer

One of the most basic traffic laws in Nanuet and around the country is the requirement to stop at red lights. Failure to make these stops are among the most common traffic tickets that police officers issue every year. While these allegations may seem like minor annoyances, state law authorizes the payment of heavy fines, the addition of points on a driver’s license, and even a potential jail term upon conviction.

You may want to contest your ticket – and a Nanuet red light lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP may be able to help. A skilled traffic defense attorney could fully explain the state’s stoplight laws and the potential penalties for a conviction. They then work to request a formal hearing with the proper agency and construct a defense that could help you avoid penalties.

New York’s Red Light Laws

Everyone knows that they must stop for red lights. However, they may not know the exact statutes that prohibit this behavior. The first is New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1110a which says that it is a violation for any person to fail to obey the instructions of any official traffic-control signal or device. This is what we most commonly imagine a red light violation to involve.

In addition, NY Veh. & Traf. Law § 1111 provides more specific rules concerning what to do when a traffic light displays a specific signal. As applied to red lights, this means that drivers must come to rest at the stop line on the ground or refrain from entering an intersection. It is possible for a police officer to make a stop and issue a ticket for either apparent violations. At StolzenbergCortelli, LLP, a Nanuet red light violation attorney could provide further information about what is involved in state law.

Possible Penalties for Conviction

All accusations of disobey a traffic light in Nanuet are misdemeanors but there are still penalties involved. In every example, a finding of fault requires a driver to pay a fine. In the most extreme cases, this can rise to as much as $535. In addition, convictions under either law will put at least two points on a person’s license. Finally, a conviction can potentially result in a jail sentence of up to 15 days. This usually only happens if aggravating circumstances exist in the case.

How to Challenge a Red Light Violation

All drivers who receive a ticket or an order to pay after being caught on a traffic camera have the right to request a hearing, which will occur at the County Court. People must request a hearing no more than 30 days after the receipt of the ticket. A red light traffic ticket lawyer in Nanuet from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP submit these formal requests and obtain additional evidence that could help a driver’s case.

At the hearing, whether in person on online, a lawyer can cross-examine the police officer who issued the ticket. This could help raise doubts concerning the officer’s recollection of events or whether a light was actually red at the time of the event.

Defenses are also possible if the case involves a traffic camera. While the possible penalties for a conviction are lower in these situations, they are also highly defensible in court. Drivers can successfully argue that the traffic camera took a poor picture of a vehicle or that they were not the one behind the wheel at the time. These arguments could potentially convince a judge to dismiss the ticket.

Reach Out to a Nanuet Red Light Attorney Immediately

Alleged red light violations are common occurrences in the Nanuet area. Although they are not felonies, they can lead to financial penalties, a license suspension, or even bring about a short-term jail sentence. It is no surprise that many people want to contest these allegations.

A Nanuet red light lawyer from StolzenbergCortelli, LLP could help you with this process. We are with you to investigate the reason for the ticket, evaluate the police officer’s or traffic camera’s evidence, file a request for a hearing, and make arguments to convince a judge to dismiss the ticket. Contact our team now to get started.

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