What Is a T-Bone Collision?

What Is a T-Bone Collision?

Unless you are a vegetarian, you probably relish the idea of a sizzling T-bone steak, grilled to perfection and placed in front of you for dinner. However, there is another type of T-bone that is not so enticing and may even be fatal.

T-bone collision is one in which a vehicle is hit on its side by the front end of another car or truck. This type of accident is also known as a side impact or broadside accident. Its name is derived from the shape of the two vehicles together after the accident – they form the letter “T” just like a T-bone steak.

What Is Unique about T-bone Accidents?

T-bone or broadside accidents occur most frequently at intersections. A driver may fail to stop at a traffic light or stop sign or fail to yield the right of way to another driver.

This type of collision causes severe injuries to the cars’ occupants. The vehicles are often knocked into a second accident which may be in the direction of oncoming traffic. The force of the crash may propel one or both vehicles into traffic, guardrails or telephone poles. The struck vehicle may even roll over completely.

One unique and dangerous fact about these accidents is how close the driver or passenger in the struck car is to the point of impact. There is, therefore, much less protection in a T-bone impact than from a head-on or rear crash.

Many modern cars have side-impact air bags and crumple zones that will absorb impact from the side. However, a violent strike from another vehicle just inches from the driver or passenger will do serious physical harm, especially as the sides of many cars are relatively unprotected.

T-bone accidents are more likely to cause severe injuries than other types of collisions including sideswipe accidents and rear-end collisions. Permanent injury may result from traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal fractures and broken limbs. Other typical injuries are fractures, lacerations and internal injuries.

Determining Fault in a T-bone Accident

It may be difficult to assign responsibility for a T-bone accident. In the case where a car runs a red light and hits another car broadside, the fault may clearly lie with the car that ran the red light.

However, if a driver makes a left turn in front of you when you clearly have the right of way and you strike that car, the fault determination may be less straightforward.

Victims of T-bone accidents should seek out a qualified and experienced attorney to discuss their best options. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries due to the accident.

We Can Help If You Have Been Injured in a T-bone Auto Accident

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