Slip and Fall Accidents: 5 Myths that You Should Not Believe

Slip and Fall Accidents: 5 Myths that You Should Not Believe

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you probably have a lot of questions about your next steps. When researching this type of injury, you may be puzzled by conflicting information that you find on the internet as well as hear from friends and colleagues.

When meeting with clients about slip and fall claims, we get a lot of questions about slip and fall injuries and legal cases. Some of this misinformation boils down to what we call “myths” about slip and fall cases. Here are the top 5 slip and fall myths that we often hear in our office:

Myth: You probably don’t have a case. Don’t be so quick to come to that conclusion! If you slipped and fell on someone else’s property, your injuries may be another’s responsibility due to negligence. If negligence can be proved, you may have a legitimate slip and fall case.

Myth: You can only claim physical injuries. Some slip and fall injuries can be severe and go beyond medical help. For example, you may be entitled to lost wages when you were unable to work. The property owner at fault may also be liable for emotional pain and suffering.

Myth: You can’t sue because there was a warning sign. It may be harder to prove negligence on the part of a property owner if there was a sign that warned of a hazard. However, the presence of a warning sign does not mean that you are unable to move forward with a slip and fall claim.

Myth: You have no evidence because the incident occurred on another’s property. Wrong! In a slip and fall case, your shoes and clothing become important evidence. You should take photos of the scene, the hazard and your injuries. You may also be able to take a bit of the hazard, such as debris that was on the floor, to show as evidence.

Myth: You have plenty of time to sue. Wrong! There are important time limits, called “statutes of limitations,” that vary by state. The time limit may be as little as one year in which to file a personal injury lawsuit. Generally, in New York, you have up to 3 years to file a slip and fall case. If you miss this deadline, you lose your legal rights to damages for your injury.

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