Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect: New York Elder Abuse Attorney

Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect: New York Elder Abuse Attorney

Earlier, we covered the common signs of nursing home abuse – such as sudden behavioral changes or unexplained injuries. But unfortunately, the signs of nursing home neglect can be more subtle but just as damaging and dangerous.

Learn more about the most common signs of nursing home neglect:

  • Malnutrition and weight loss. If your elder loved on is being neglected, they might not be getting the right amount of food or they might not be fed regularly. Additionally, they may not be receiving feeding assistance or the correct types of food for their health problems.
  • Dehydration. One of the most dangerous signs of nursing home neglect is dehydration. Your senior loved one may not be getting enough water or may not be getting enough assistance to retrieve or drink their own water. Your loved one may be ignored when asking for water.
  • Over sedation. May nursing homes with staffing issues will over medicate patients in order to keep them from “causing trouble” or asking for assistance. Overmedication not only dramatically lowers your loved one’s quality of life, it can also lead to other complications, such as bedsores, dehydration, or malnutrition.
  • Restraint use. While some seniors need certain forms of restraint in order to keep them safe from falls or harming themselves, some nursing homes wrongfully use restraints on patients in order to keep them immobile and in their wheelchairs or beds. Restraint use often makes it easier for neglectful staff to ignore the needs of patients.
  • Dirty room conditions. If your loved one is wearing soiled clothes or is in dirty bed sheets, it is a red flag for nursing home neglect. If your loved one isn’t being changed or cleaned, his or her other needs, such as food, medication, or water, may also be falling by the wayside.

Has your senior loved one been harmed because of nursing home neglect? Contact a New York nursing home abuse attorney today about your case – and make certain that the nursing home that mistreated your relative is held responsible for their actions.

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