New Hips With Old Problems

New Hips With Old Problems

As technology in medicine is increasingly advanced, there may be need to caution people about the newness factor. Many relate ‘new’ as being better but when it comes to medical devises and drug therapies, new may not be what it seems.

Artificial Hips Gone Bad

Tens of thousands of patients had received a device known as metal on metal hips. This artificial hip implantation was meant to help people with serious hip problems stay more active and be mobile in life. However, with news that drug regulators are now questioning the safety of these implants, many patients may be more likely to suffer from these devices rather than find relief.

Those who received the hip implants have been complaining of injuries caused directly by the implant devices. The metal on the implant has been found to shed metal debris after wear. All patients who have received the metal-on-metal implants are being asked to undergo emergency medical studies to determine the depth of injury. The Food and Drug Administration has ordered the manufacturers of the metal implants to perform these studies.

Poor Track Record

It appears the metal implants were introduced and the medical community accepted them as the next big thing. However, they did so without much evidence that the devices were an improvement over existing options. In fact, many devices used in implantation to improve a patient’s standards of living have been found to be no better than what was already being used. Because it was new, it was accepted as better.

The medical community does realize that some gambles are necessary for the continued advancement of medical science. But patients also need to understand that these gambles may impact their lives and their health more than they realized.

If you have received a metal-on-metal hip implant and have been injured as a result, contact our law offices for a consultation. We can be reached by using our online contact form.

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